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Sysdig launches eBPF Instrumentation to Cover Cloud-native Visibility for Linux platforms

Sysdig eBPF Instrumentation

The launch of eBPF to protect and monitor critical applications

Sysdig, Inc., the cloud-native intelligence company, today publicised that the Sysdig Cloud-Native Intelligence Platform and Sysdig’s open source technologies now leverage extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) to deliver visibility and security for container-optimized Linux platforms. Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF), a Linux-native in-kernel virtual machine, enables secure, low-overhead tracing for application performance and event analysis. With new Sysdig-engineered eBPF programs, Sysdig extends its technology to purpose-built container operating systems, including Google’s Container-Optimized OS (COS) and Red Hat’s Project Atomic Host.

Advantages of ContainerVision from eBPF

The new eBPF support enables users to deploy Sysdig solutions to monitor and secure next-generation operating systems designed for running containers. These operating systems, including Container-Optimized OS (COS) from Google Cloud Platform and Project Atomic Host from Red Hat, which pre-install container runtimes and Kubernetes components, feature an unchallengeable infrastructure approach designed with a minimal footprint to enhance operational security and scale.

Moreover, Sysdig is the only platform with a mutual solution for both enterprises that pair container-optimized platforms. Sysdig’s eBPF implementation advance deep views into their infrastructure and applications along with the capability to operate safe environments with greater confidence while resolving issues more quickly.

Statement of Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Sysdig

Loris Degioanni, Chief Technology Officer and Founder at Sysdig stated, “Visibility and security are critically important issues when it comes to containerized environments.” Further, he added, “By offering a unified platform, we’re enabling collaboration between historically separate teams and provide everyone with the same rich data so the entire team understands the entire system and they are speaking the same language. eBPF provides an opportunity for us to deliver our solution to more enterprises, including those operating in container-optimized environments.”

Growth in container marketplace

According to recent predictions, the application container marketplace will reach $4.3 billion by 2022, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30%. Containers give enterprises greater flexibility to run applications across clouds and, more than any other technology, are helping to make multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud a reality.