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Stem OPG partnership
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Stem announce partnership with OPG

OPG Largest Electricity Producer Pairs with World Leader in AI-Powered Energy Storage Systems.

Stem, Inc., and Ontario Power Generation are launching a new partnership on advanced energy storage systems that will assist Ontario industrial manufacturers in managing electricity costs. In bringing together one of the most experienced energy providers in Ontario, OPG, and the most advanced energy storage systems and controls platform, Stem, the partnership will provide Ontario businesses with innovative, turnkey energy solutions to enhance their competitiveness.

Stem is the global leader in AI-driven energy storage services, with over 900 energy storage systems installed or under contract across six U.S. states, Ontario, and Japan. Stem’s AI platform, Athena, is the first of its kind for energy storage on customers’ sites, performing real-time energy optimization that reduces onsite peak demand and enables customers to access additional market opportunities via Stem’s network. OPG generates safe, clean, reliable, low-cost power for Ontario. More than 99 percent of this power is free of smog and carbon emissions. OPG’s electricity is priced an average of 40 percent lower than other generators, which helps moderate customer bills.

AI-driven energy storage

John Carrington, CEO of Stem, Inc. stated, “OPG’s selection of Stem to bring customer-sited energy storage to Ontario is a substantial endorsement of Stem’s proven performance and customer satisfaction in a highly-competitive market. Ontario is looking to AI-driven energy storage to build multiple returns for the customer and grid reliability, and local market leaders like OPG have turned to substantial storage project development experience in Stem.”

“This new and innovative partnership will help improve electricity cost management for Ontario’s industrial and manufacturing customers,” said Jeff Lyash, OPG President and CEO. “Our experience in the Ontario electricity market, combined with Stem’s expertise in AI and innovative energy storage technology, will allow the partnership to provide a flexible solution for current and future customer benefits.”