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Snapchat to introduce a new search feature

It has been announced by the social media company, Snap Inc that its Snapchat messaging app would add an option for users to search through photos and videos that users have posted to the public.

The announcement has come out just after the larger competitor of the company, Facebook Inc stepped up efforts to encourage users to take more photos and edit them with digital stickers that show the influence of Snapchat.

In this new feature, the company will enable users to search for photos and videos known as “Snaps” posted to the “Our Story” option on the app, by creating new “Stories” using machine learning technology, Snapchat clarified in a blog post.

Well though, the concept is not a very new one as the “Our Story” option is derived from Snap’s widely-copied “Stories” feature that is a slideshow of user content that disappears after 24 hours.

When it comes to the option of “Our Story”, which allows its users to post their Snaps as part of a larger public collection, which users will be able to search through with the latest update.

With this new feature offered by the company, users will be able to use the search feature to find “Snaps” related to events such as local basketball games and topics such as puppies.

This new search feature is expected to be introduced in some cities starting Friday, is an addition to curated “Stories”, where public “Snaps” about major events already appear.

Now, users will be able to search for over one million “Stories” on Snapchat, as explained by Snapchat, when it made the app more accessible.