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Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video 2024

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Do you want to know the best TV shows to recommend for streaming on Amazon Prime Video in 2024? In this article, we have short-listed a few of the most highly rated and favorite new and upcoming series on Amazon Prime that you must consider watching.

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Watch Amazon Prime Series Offline with CleverGet Amazon Downloader

While Amazon Prime allows users to download videos for offline viewing. However, there are limitations with Amazon Prime as follows; not all titles are available for download, the downloaded videos can only be viewed for 48 hours or 30 days at most, the numbers to be downloaded at once are limited to 15-25, and the download format is intended for the Prime Video app only. These limitations affect the overall offline view of the users in many ways.

However, with CleverGet Amazon Downloader, users can now avoid such download restrictions that Amazon Prime has put in place. CleverGet Amazon Downloader is the best Amazon Prime video downloader that enables users to download Amazon Prime videos in bulk at the best quality up to 1080p. By using CleverGet, users can download as many videos as they want from Amazon Prime with no restrictions on the format. 

CleverGet Amazon Downloader

It converts Amazon Prime to MP4 and MKV formats that can be played on any device offline. CleverGet guarantees the user full control over the downloaded content to watch offline without any restrictions. Furthermore, before downloading user will have control over the quality, audio tracks, and subtitles of the video. Overall, it is an all-in-one platform and assists users to get the most out of their Amazon Prime membership.

5 Best Shows on Amazon Prime of 2024 So Far 

Here is the list of the top 5 best shows on Amazon Prime in 2024 so far that you must watch.

1. Hazbin Hotel:

This adult animated series followed Charlie, a naive demon princess attempting to redeem souls in hell by opening a hotel. Despite gruesome neighbors and Charlie’s questionable staff, the pilot charmed viewers with witty jokes and delightfully strange characters coping with eternal damnation.

Hazbin Hotel

2. Mr. and Mrs. Smith:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s storyline follows a stranger, John Smith, and his partner, Jane Smith, who both work together as spies after landing jobs at a mysterious agency. Their mission? Undercover work as a married couple. Each episode follows the pair on a new mission, testing their espionage skills and growing relationship. The great news is the series now can be streamed on Amazon Freevee for free.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

3. Fallout:

Set in a post-war Boston centuries after a nuclear war destroyed civilization, this adaptation transported viewers to the iconic wasteland. Survivors struggled to find meaning and morality without structure amid constant threats of raiders, mutated monsters, and dwindling resources in the charmless yet compelling world.


4. The Peripheral

Chloe Grace Moretz plays a woman who can plug into different times – the future and the 2030s. Through her adventures crossing dimensions, fascinating questions are brought up. Just when you think you have it all figured out, the plot throws in some big surprises. The blend of futuristic tech mixed with relatable characters drew people in throughout its thrilling season.

The Peripheral

5. Paper Girls 

This drama series follows four ordinary girls who get caught up in a wild time travel war. On their newspaper delivery route, strange things start happening that pull them into an epic battle between people who can travel through time. While keeping you hooked with the sci-fi craziness, it also tugs at the heartstrings showing the girls’ friendship and coming-of-age journey. 

Paper Girls 

5 Most Anticipated Shows Coming to Prime Video in 2024

Here are the 5 most anticipated shows coming to Prime Video in 2024:

1. Sausage Party: Foodtopia (2024)

The animated film Sausage Party is getting a sequel series on Prime. Foodtopia continues the raunchy adventures of supermarket items led by Frank and Brenda. With an all-star vocal cast returning, this outrageous comedy will surely push boundaries.

Sausage Party: Foodtopia (2024)

2. The Serpent Queen (Season 2) 2024)

The lavish period drama about Catherine de Medici was a breakout hit in 2022. Starring Samantha Morton, the intriguing second season will chronicle more scheming, betrayal, and power grabs during the French Renaissance court. Fans can’t wait to see how Catherine’s intrigues continue to unfold.

The Serpent Queen (Season 2) 2024)

3. Troppo (Season 2) (2024)

The quirky Australian crime comedy kept viewers guessing in its debut run. Season 2 promises more bizarre murders and adventures for reluctant detective Amanda Pharrell, played brilliantly by Nicole Chamoun. With its offbeat humor and scenic locales, this island-set mystery remains a fan favorite.

Troppo (Season 2) (2024)

4. Hotel Portofino (Season 3) (2024)

Set in 1920s Italy, this breathtaking drama lets viewers escape to belle epoque glamor on the Rivera. The renewal for a third season indicates the show’s loyal following eager to return to the drama, scandal, and family machinations at the hotel. Another sun-soaked season is highly anticipated.

Hotel Portofino (Season 3) (2024)

5. Signora Volpe (Season 2) (2024)

The arrival of a new mafia “Godmother” in rural Tuscany ruffled feathers in Season 1 of this acclaimed Italian crime series. Fans can’t wait to see how the cunning and ruthless Signora Volpe consolidates her power in the next chapter, especially with news of bigger confrontations ahead.

Signora Volpe (Season 2) (2024)


Amazon Prime Video had an incredible year for new and returning shows in 2024. For those looking to watch their favorite Amazon Prime shows anytime, anywhere without the internet, we highly recommend using CleverGet Amazon Downloader. This handy tool allows unlimited downloads of Prime videos commercial-free in high-quality resolution, bypassing all the restrictions of Amazon’s native downloader. 

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