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6 Services Student Entrepreneurs Love

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Being an aspiring entrepreneur means wracking your brain trying to figure out how to make your business thrive. Also, many beginners dread the responsibility of managing a business. Fortunately, there are plenty of services and tools designed to support students on their way to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

These tools can help with everything starting from teaching the art of time management to processing payments. All of them come with their own set of features and advantages. In this article, we will draw your attention to the best services and apps that are highly recommended by student entrepreneurs.


During academic years students face various challenges: academic workload, deadlines, exams, crafting papers, etc. If you are looking for a safe way to deal with crafting never-ending papers, you can buy essay online at EssayHub. A professional essay writer will gladly assist you with this task and craft a splendid paper for you.

If you order essay with this service, it gives you a whole bunch of advantages:

  • Any discipline and difficulty: EssayHub specialists are perfectly suited to work with any subject field or level of difficulty
  • Originality guaranteed: your paper is overseen by the quality assurance team and is run through originality software to confirm uniqueness.
  • Affordable prices: EssayHub cares about its customers, and the developers know that many learners are on a budget, which is why this service made prices as student-friendly as possible. 
  • Qualified experts: each expert has verified their degree and experience, successfully underwent interviews and completed tests to ensure they have enough skills to deliver high-quality services to customers. 
  • 24/7 support: if you have any questions regarding pricing, terms of delivery, etc., you can reach out to EssayHub support specialists, who will assist you without delay.
  • Always on time: your essay will be delivered with time to spare so you can check that everything is exactly as you wish.

However, if you are still not sure if EssayHub is the best service where you can pay for essay, you can check essay hub review for additional information. When buying paper at EssayHub, you can also leave your review since client feedback is incredibly important.


The one thing all successful entrepreneurs recommend to do is read. However, if you are a student, you might not always have time to expand your knowledge in the business field because of academic overload. With Pocket, you can store any important content offline to revise it anytime and on any device.

This user-friendly tool allows you to create tags to better organize your saved content and highlight the text you find informative. Also, you can listen to articles for better multitasking while you are on your way to uni, on a walk, or doing housework. In addition, you can sign up for Pocket Premium and use aid features such as customizable text, unlimited highlighting, etc.


One of the greatest note-taking apps is Evernote. It makes studentship so much easier since you don’t need to buy countless notebooks for each subject. In addition, here, you can brainstorm ideas together with your team members. Here you can save all important notes and organize them in various file formats such as:

  • Videos files
  • Text
  • PDF files
  • Contacts
  • Lists
  • Paper handouts
  • Microsoft Office documents
  • Audio files
  • Photos of class discussion notes

Also, Evernote offers you free access to its unique templates, such as:

  • Event Budget
  • Daily Planner
  • Marketing Plan
  • Project Overview


If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, it is of vital importance to know how to promote your company. It means you need to learn how to create all sorts of visual content. If in the future you don’t want to hire a graphic designer, you can become one with Canva!

Canva allows you to create everything, starting from infographics, PPTs, invoices, posters, checklists, business cards, to flyers, etc. With its unique library of more than 250,000 free templates, you can also craft any business presentations or work on social media marketing.

Just like in Evernote, you can collaborate with your teammates in real-time and have fun experimenting with colors, themes, graphics, fonts, backgrounds, and so on. Canva is a great solution for those who want to find their unique style.


Many students recommend Trello as the best project management service. With its Japanese Kanban workflow management technique, dealing with any seemingly boring, routine, and complex task will turn into an easy and exciting process. Trello is a perfect tool when it comes to collaborating with other students. Here you can create and assign tasks, set project priorities and deadlines, and visualize progress.

Just like in Pinterest, in Trello, you can range tasks using project boards and cards and assign each assignment to a specific team member with any additional requirements to the task. In fact, Trello is great for managing simple tasks and small teams. However, if your project becomes more complex and you add more team members, the Kanban technique might start to seem a bit inadequate.


Being a student is stressful. But being a student entrepreneur might be even worse. Along with managing academic workflow, deadlines, team members, money, and time you also need to manage your level of stress and overall mental and physical condition. In order not to face burnout, many students use MoodKit.

This tool was developed by two clinical psychologists who use cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. It is proven effective in working with depression and other mental disorders through multiple studies.

With the help of its four features, you will learn how to improve your way of life, productivity, sleep, and so on:

  • Activities: each day, you will receive recommendations regarding various exercises that will help to regulate the emotional background.
  • Journal: in MoodKit, you can write down every thought and emotion stuck in your head. Thus you will observe your behavior and learn how to control yourself.
  • Thought Checker: when you write down your thoughts, this system will record them for long-term observation and analysis of one-type situations.
  • Mood Tracker: each day can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and not all can manage it. With this feature, you can create daily mood notes and graphs based on mood swings.

To Sum It Up

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it is of vital importance to be armed with the right tools and services to improve your productivity and organize resources. With the help of the services stated above, you will learn how to manage your studies and run your business while maintaining a healthy way of life without compromising on the quality of your work.

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