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Security Concern in Virtual and Cloud Networks

Security Concern in Virtual and Cloud Networks

Security programs are just like a big vessel, in any case one finds a loophole in it, one can get the whole information packed in, and eventually empty the vessel even before the programmers or the security person’s knowledge. In this case, no one can do anything to patch the hole, as the reason is simple, until one get’s to know the exact location of the hole in the vessel, the other will drain out every drop of information from it.

This is the way how today security programs are facing problems. With the use of well known tools, security teams try to fight the constantly occurring trouble. There is a vast issue related to the visibility of the threats or troubles. With the help of strategic programs these teams are always ready to fight with the problem.

But still there is a way to avoid or handle the situation. Just think about it, if the Network Security Engineer is having the full visibility when someone treats the security and try to peep in with the help of a hole?

With the help of comprehensive network modeling extending into virtual networks, the expected visibility can be achived.

network security engineers can gain the needed visibility to unify security and compliance processes across their hybrid hardware and virtual environments.