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SAP is Taking Help of Microsoft to Increase Its Business in the Cloud Market


The partnership is an embrace of new market conditions by both the companies

SAP the business software solution provider on Monday announced that it has signed an agreement with the cloud giant Microsoft. This deal will enable the customers of SAP to transfer their business processes into the cloud. The partnership is named “Embrace”, is put into place to serve the clients.

This will help them to do their work on remotely hosted servers which is backed by the S4 HANA database the standard-bearer of SAP, informed by the freshly appointed Co-Chief Executive Jennifer Morgan.

Morgan also said, “We bundled SAP’s cloud platform services to support customers around the extension, integration, and orchestration of SAP systems and Microsoft would act as a reseller for the product.”

The jump in the revenue is already evident

The deal might generate revenue of 75 million euros for the SAP, as these numbers are set to move upward in the future. The third-quarter report of the company mentioned a rise in the income by 10% and operating profit rose by 15% that ultimately gave a push to the overall growth of the company, which recorded a 1.7% rise.

Morgan was all praised for Qualtrics as it helped the company to add 300 plus clients to its network. The announcement came right after the previous CEO Bill McDermott resigned and Morgan took over. She is the first CEO of the company in Germany. The improvement in the prices of the company’s share was also seen, as it jumped 2.3% after her taking over the post.

The new agreement has helped the company to book double the numbers for the cloud services in the third quarter. The deal will make the relationship stronger further between SAP and Microsoft. This deal will not hamper the connection of the company with Google and AWS as they can directly from SAP.