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San Marcos Inaugurated its First Mobility Hub amid Safety Concerns from Locals

San Marcos

The hub will support transportation of the city

The city authorities of San Marcos, on Monday, opened a new green space for the people. The new mobility canter is situated in East Hutchison Street and aimed to give the community a safe and secure place where people can gather around. This will be the city’s first mobility hub and it is built to support transportation whether it be a pedestrian or cyclist.

Lisa Prewitt, a council member said, “I have kids that refuse to own a car, so I think our new generations are changing and this is a great place to respect that and encourage that.” People seem happy with the move and quite supportive of the city’s development. This will bring the city a little bit closer to the modern world.

Major safety issues raised by the people

Apart from this, there were some people who were concerned about safety as it might attract homeless people which might create some problems. The safety questions were answered by a project committee member and she said the plan is to host an educational event next year to show the public how to use their phones for security.

The mobility hub has addressed the issue of security as of now but needs to create proactive solutions to meet different threats. The authorities seem to have faith in the community as there are not many security cameras in the place. Carina Pinales said, “If there’s a destination downtown that people know is a gathering spot and a place that is a place of purpose, then it gives everyone that sense of location and purpose of the place, so actually creates a safety element in itself.”

Authorities are hoping that the mobility hub could turn the fortune of the city and bring some success. They are planning to bring a bus stop, rideshare parking area and charging station for electric cars.