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Retail Pro reinforces SAP partnership

Retail Pro has declared that it has joined the SAP PartnerEdge program. Part of the announcement says Retail Pro retail management software running on the SAP Business One application. According to a spokesperson at Retail Pro the integration has improved. They commented: “There is a tight integration between SAP B1 and Retail Pro retail management software that is being made available. This new development will allow for seamless use of both. The companies already have more than 50 mutual customers.”

The companies share more than 130 customers. The 50 mentioned earlier are likely to be those that use SAP B1 and Retail Pro together. The shared brands include Oakley, Under Armour, Samsonite, Ibiza, Samsung, Sportline America, Sparta, and Maui and Sons. Retail Pro itself is a retail management solution targeted at speciality retailers. It integrates with several ERP solutions including both Oracle and SAP. This latest announcement sees it get closer to SAP. This may be in reaction to the development and impact that both Infor and NetSuite are making on the retail market.

Retail Pro also has integrations to several other accounting solutions including Sage, QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics. How these companies will view this new relationship isn’t known. If the joint go-to-market strategy involves SAP it may narrow the options for Retail Pro.

As more regions look to the cloud for their next generation solution it is surprising that Retail Pro has not joined up with NetSuite or Xero. Sage and QuickBooks are also currently marketing their cloud solutions at smaller retail customers. RPI may putting their growth at risk, especially in some international markets. Whether Retail Pro look to add other partnerships in the near future to spread their bets is unknown.

If RPI is cementing itself as a SAP B1retail tool alone the two companies are getting closer together. An acquisition by SAP cannot be ruled out. It needs to do something to counter the growing threat of Infor, NetSuite and Xero in retail. It will be interesting to see what growth Retail Pro announce come April and how many customers they have won. There is a huge legacy installation of SAP Business One. If they can reach those customers before they consider a cloud solution it might help SAP to retain revenue from those on-premises locations for longer. It will also help Retail Pro get a stranglehold on a wider customer base.