promotion of an Instagram page in 2022

What works and what doesn’t work for promotion of an Instagram page in 2022

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Fair to say that right now Instagram is being perceived by most people as a resource for business, which consists mainly of advertising and selling products and services. There are many content creators who are already using the possibilities that Instagram offers – but at the same time there are lots of newcomers who are willing to join the party. And whilst experienced bloggers have been watching the trends of promotion change each other up, novices know literally nothing about how things work today.

This article was made for them: we will tell what works and what doesn’t work for promotion of an Instagram page in 2022, tell if a chance to buy Instagram followers is still a great thing to do, if you can do without a professional SMM manager and when is the best time to set targeted Insta ad.

What doesn’t work

Let’s start with the things that should be forgotten – mass following and mass liking. Somehow, many people still have hope for those two: they spend hours online trying to get attention of people who are not even interested in their content and won’t pay any attention to a new subscription or a bunch of thumbs up. Remember that once and for all: both methods have lost their efficiency long ago and today to get the attention of people on Instagram you have to work with a targeted audience which already is potentially interested in what you’re putting forward on this platform.

What also doesn’t quite work is hiring lots of professionals to put your profile in order: sometimes instead of working with one social media manager people hire a graphic designer, a copywriter and a promotion specialist who cannot get along and make an even bigger mess out of your page. This is because you probably don’t have enough skill to coordinate them and correct their mistakes, sewing up the holes in the conception of your profile. This is why we’d highly recommend turning to help from one specialist, if you’re choosing to delegate the promotion of your page to someone.

What works

However, if you don’t have a budget for hiring an SMM pro, you can easily do things yourself and delegate only the constant growth of your profile to a third party service. You can find a website that gives its clients a chance to buy real Instagram followers and forget about always checking the process of the subs’ increase: you will be able to work on quality content and communicating with your audience, while the number will be growing gradually thanks to the service you’ve bought.

The most important nuance here is that you need to purchase exclusively real followers that will be able to not only increase the number of subs, but also show positive impact on your profile’s statistics. With these in your hands, Instagram will perceive your posts as more interesting as they are being supported by more and more real subscribers, and will start showing your content as recommended to more people. This is how you will be able to induce natural growth of the account using the paid service.

In addition to that method you can use PR from bloggers (free and paid), commenting and activity chats. All of the three methods are efficient (paid PR from bloggers is more efficient than the other options though, obviously) and can help a newcomer to obtain a much desired loyal audience. The best first step to make here would be reaching out to bloggers who have the same number of subs as you do (or a little bigger) and offer them collaboration – you can recommend each other to your audiences and this way conjoin your followers into one bigger audience. This is totally free, doesn’t harm anyone and helps with slowly building up the number of interested subs. Make sure that you’re working with people from your or neighboring field so that readers who will come your way because of such PR would be interested in your content in advance.

And now let’s talk a little about targeted ads from Instagram – these ones are extremely efficient, but before using them you have to make sure that your account is ready. It has to have more than several hundred subs (gain them by using the previous method, especially a possibility to purchase subs), it has to be filled with interesting posts and has to have an organized highlights section. Without that, people who will come to your page won’t understand why they are here and won’t understand what exactly you’re trying to advertise and sell (if this is your primary aim).

Tip: never try to set a targeted ad that is going to be “bigger” than your current account’s “size”. What we’re saying here is that if you have 100 subs, don’t set a reach for millions; it is going to be super expensive and inefficient, as people who will be seeing your ad just won’t understand why they are seeing it so often and why you still don’t have lots of followers. Move gradually and change the settings to bigger and bigger as you go. This strategy will be the best for you; and don’t forget, that none of those services are going to work, if you don’t pay enough attention to generating quality content and staying in touch with your audience. So do that and use supportive options smartly; good luck!

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