Oracle Utilities Unveils Network Management Platform of the Future

Oracle recently introduced Oracle Utilities Network Management System 2.3, an expanded network management platform that enables utilities to make the transition to a customer-centric grid by giving operators real-time visibility across all grid and pipeline assets and eliminating the complexities of siloed data and applications.

Utilities are facing major shifts in their operations caused by a rapid increase in distributed energy resources (DERs) such as solar PVs, storage systems, electric vehicles and connected home devices, as well as continuing issues with aging water and gas pipelines.

These new energy sources and increased monitoring of aging pipelines are creating even more data silos than ever before, making a seamless transition to a customer-centric grid extremely challenging.

Oracle Utilities Network Management System 2.3 now enables utilities to aggregate data from various network assets into a single interface with more detailed visibility into network operations. For the first time, utilities have network asset data?two-way distributed energy resource (DER) data, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) data, distribution management system (DMS) data and outage management system (OMS) data?all in a single interface for more meaningful analysis and decision making.

The enhanced system gives utility operators the visibility they need to respond to changing network conditions?whether that’s a flurry of new electric vehicles in a neighborhood and the need to resize transformers, or responding faster during a large storm outage or gas leak.