Nutrition21 Protects Consumers Against Misbranded Sports Nutrition Products

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Claims the misuse of products purchase and trademark license agreement

Adulterated nutrition products are unsafe, such as by contamination or misleading. Such a case happened with Nutrition21, LLC (“Nutrition21“) where the Company has discovered a product being sold in the marketplace. Nutrition21 has announced the conclusion of a dispute with MythLabs following MythLabs’ agreement to cease any further intellectual property (IP) infringement of Nutrition21’s ingredient Nitrosigine.

Nutrition21 claimed to include the powerful NO booster Nitrosigine without a purchase and trademark license agreement. Upon further investigation and product testing, Nutrition21 confirmed MythLab’s Pump product did not contain Nitrosigine despite using the trademark on the bottle.

As a part of this resolution, MythLabs confirms the following actions:

  • removal of all misleading product from the retail marketplace
  • destruction or disposal of any remaining inventory of MythLabs Pump
  • barred from selling any product that utilizes the Nitrosigine mark without a license

Infringing products cheat the consumers who have purchased themand compete unfairly with brands that produce products taht contain the ingredients that are listed on their labels. To measure these products, Nutrition21 has made considerable investments in R&D, safety and efficacy studies, patents and consumer education and is aggressive in policing the marketplace.

“Nutrition21 has a robust portfolio of patents, trademarks, and copyrights across the globe, and we have a successful track record of enforcing and protecting our IP,” said Sara O’ Brien, General Counsel, Nutrition21.

The team of Nutrition21 is committed to bringing efficacious products to the market, as well as leaving no stone unturned when it comes to getting fraudulent products removed that infringe on their products.

In February of 2020, Nutrition21 was the first company in the dietary supplement industry to adopt CertainT, a technology solution by Applied DNA Sciences designed to protect the IP of ingredient suppliers. This state-of-the-art solution provides Nutrition21 the ability to identify its ingredients through the global supply chain from raw material to finished products in retail and e-commerce.

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