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It is the new 3D filters by Snapchat

To blow user’s mind, Snapchat has launched new 3D lenses, which will allow users to change the world around them in three dimensions.

These new features introduced by the company, lets the user interact with what he sees on screen. The user can write giant words that float about next to real objects or plant a virtual rose in the ground.

This new update introduced by the company is now live and it’s expected that Snapchat will release some more new “experiences” every single day.

These 3D lenses by the Snapchat is something new for our attention from the social media giants.

Though, Instagram and Facebook have recently added features similar to Snapchat Stories.

The way it works

The new 3D lenses work in a way that when a user is snapping with the rear-facing camera, he needs to just tap the camera screen to find the new lenses.

Then the user needs to just swipe up and down the screen to move an object closer or further away.

After that just press and hold an object to pick it up and move it somewhere else.

The user can tap somewhere on the screen instead the object, to place the object in that new location in a real-world space.

On the first go, there are 3D hand animations that guide the user on how to move an object, and how to load a new object.

To keep the experiences fresh for the users, the 3D lenses will change over time, and offer different interactions.