Mirantis Partners with Fujitsu to build high Performance Computing at Hokkaido University

Mirantis Partners with Fujitsu to build high Performance Computing at Hokkaido University

Mirantis and Fujitsu announced that they have partnered to create the Information Initiative Center of Hokkaido University for an interdisciplinary, large-scale computing system with a theoretical peak performance of 4.0 petaflops, consisting of a supercomputer system and a cloud system. The project is expected to start in December 2018.

Hokkaido University is a Japanese university that is extending the boundaries of education and research. The Information Initiative Center of Hokkaido University provides an academic information platform as a national joint-use facility for academic research by university faculty members, graduate students, and researchers throughout Japan.

Build Supercomputer and Cloud System

Director, Information Initiative Center, Hokkaido University, Dr. Masaharu Munetomo said that Hokkaido University High-Performance Inter-Cloud is a transformational research promotion platform for advanced research that organically integrates the super computer system and Inter-cloud system deployed nationwide, and accelerates various types of research projects such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, as well as large-scale computational science simulations from universities, research institutions, and private sectors throughout Japan. For this very exciting and important project, they need partners with track records to provide the best opportunity for success – Mirantis and Fujitsu. MCP delivers a flexible, tunable platform based on OpenStack and Kubernetes, with continuously delivered infrastructure-as-code to enable ongoing, rapid and reliable access to continued innovations by Mirantis and Fujitsu.

CMO and co-founder of Mirantis, Boris Renski said that OpenStack, due to its flexible software defined infrastructure and robust APIs is perfectly suited for High Performance Computing (HPC). Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP), specifically tuned for the HPC use case, enables data science, advanced simulations, artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT, Blockchain, and more, making it the perfect solution for Hokkaido University.

Head of the Mission Critical System Support Division, Platform Software Business Unit at Fujitsu Limited, Masahide Abe said that the Mirantis Cloud Platform, selected as Hokkaido University’s High-Performance Inter-Cloud, comes with Infrastructure-as-code to enable the safe and easy life cycle management of cloud infrastructure. He is confident that the full Open Source cloud infrastructure software is the best choice for customers who expect agility and reliability from their system infrastructure. Fujitsu and Mirantis are together providing evolving cloud infrastructure software that incorporates advanced Open Source technologies, in combination with high quality services and support. They are working to realize customer growth, together with customers.