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Interoperability of Microsoft and Oracle in Canada to Smooth out Mission Critical Workload


The service will support the users across the globe

Last December it was made known by the Oracle that it is expanding cloud interoperability partnership with Microsoft. This will support the user base of the service across the globe to work on sensitive projects on Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The new cloud destinations allow making works loads that interoperate between Oracle and Microsoft in Canada.

As per the information provided by Oracle most of the business enterprises use integrated software of Microsoft and oracle to make their business function much smoother. As cloud services are getting universal recognition, enterprises depend upon several cloud providers for their needs. The collaboration between Oracle and Microsoft is making managing essential cloud workload much easier.

The interconnect provide less latency

The VP of Product Management at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Vinay Kumar said, “The Oracle-Microsoft partnership means cloud services run by the two providers will interoperate as if they were of a single cloud, making it easier for customers to run their mission-critical workloads across the two clouds.

From a technical point of view, interconnect provide less latency or stall as a result of better data transfer and application interaction between clouds is made. Kumar also informed that Accenture in recent times tested interconnect and confirmed the solution is reliable in providing low latency and high ease of work.

Both companies are working on the elaborate plan to make interconnect available in several new regions of the US, Asia, and Europe. This year Oracle and Microsoft setup interconnect in Ashburn, US. While Azure is working on US East and in London.