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IBM to Launch New Services on Its Bluemix Platform

IBM has reported that it is going to launch new services on its Bluemix platform,  focused on ongoing delivery, DevOps, and simplifying app development in the cloud.

Bluemix of IBN constant delivery gives DevOps teams a central hub to create, manage, and scale toolchains, which are integral to the app development process, moreover providing toolchain templates designed to be provisioned enterprise-wide with minimum fuss. These templates can be used to help build microservices, containers, or cloud-native applications, with integrations to solutions including GitHub, Stack, PagerDuty, and Sauce Labs, too.

IBM fellow and VP development at IBM Cloud DevOps and Analytics, Dave Lindquist said, “One of the biggest challenges developers face in today’s cloud-led world is efficiently building and deploying applications to stay competitive”. Further he added, “With the introduction of Bluemix Continuous Delivery, developesr can not only create, integrate and share DevOps toolchains using their favourite tools, but also add optional pay-as-you-go powerful services like cognitive computing with Watson, or data and analytics services from The Weather Company.”

This announcement is not the only one, but in November, IBM launched a variety of services targeting at helping businesses get better insights from their data. IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud, helps organizations digest predictions, business goals and transactional figures before spitting them out as decision points, when on the other hand, IBM Bluemix Lift looks at data encryption and IBM dashDB for Transactions is a fully managed SQL database on Bluemix.

According to IBM, Bluemix now features more than 150 ‘advanced technologies and services’, which includes cognitive computing, blockchain, the Internet of Things, cloud data services, DevOps, and security.