Top 4 Essential Hearing Aid Supplies Worth Buying Today At Audiology Island

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Today, tens of millions of people experience hearing loss of different stages in the United States. If you’re currently one of the hearing loss sufferers out there today, the best audiologists at Audiology Island recommend that you try using the right hearing aids to boost your quality of life and enhance your hearing capability.

Although hearing aids are important, you need to understand that having them alone is not enough. For you to maintain your devices, you also need to consider buying some of the best hearing aid supplies, such as these 312 hearing aid batteries. In the rest of this post, you’ll discover some top supplies worth buying at the best hearing aid store, such as Audiology Island.

1. Hearing aid batteries

The best hearing aid batteries are used to power different types of hearing aid devices, including mini BTE, RITE, and ITC products. Batteries are available in different types, based on their sizes and forms.

Speaking of forms, the best batteries are categorized into two main groups; disposable and rechargeable. As the names suggest, disposable products only require you to use them for a couple of weeks before buying a new one. As for rechargeable products, some of them last up to 10 hours and you can always recharge them up to 500 times before the need for replacement surfaces.

Speaking of sizes, batteries are available in 4 major types. One common size to go for is rechargeable 312 hearing aid batteries. Audio Island has some of the best products out there today and they are available in packs, at a very cheap price.

2. Hearing aid domes

Unlike 312 hearing aid batteries, domes are small and flexible bell-shaped silicone products that are often connected to the end of a hearing aid tubing. This design helps your hearing aid to fit perfectly and deeply into your ear canal, where it is most needed. With a suitable Audiology Island hearing aid dome, you can easily protect the tiny speaker, which helps to produce the sound into the ear.

Today, Starkey Comfort Open Domes is currently one of the best-selling hearing aid supplies worth investing in. This product is available in a pack of 10 differently-sized domes at an affordable price.

3. Hearing aid wax guards

Wax guards are often designed with a small plastic screen and positioned in your hearing aid’s sound outlet. As the name suggests, wax guards are specifically designed to prevent wax, debris, and moisture from penetrating the sound outlet and damaging your hearing aid’s speaker.

At Audiology Island, one of the best wax guard products you can consider buying to protect your hearing aid is this Hear Clear Wax Guard pack. You’ll certainly find this product of great use with your Starkey hearing aids and open domes.

4. Cleaning supplies

You can talk about the best hearing aid supplies without measuring the best accessories for cleaning your device. Today, you can always take advantage of different cleaning supplies, such as audio wipes, earwax removal kits (with bulbs), cleaning brushes, and dehumidifiers. You’ll certainly find all these aforementioned cleaning supplies at Audiology Island’s hearing aid store at affordable prices.

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