Where to Buy Human Keratin Tip Hair Extensions in the US or Canada?

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If you want to make hair extensions that look natural and are as comfortable as possible to wear, try keratin tip extensions.

In this technique, the strands are fixed with keratin bonds, which are not felt on the head, and the styling looks like it is your natural luxurious hair.

Keratin tip extensions are considered one of the best extension techniques. However, the choice of raw material for this beauty procedure is also crucial.

After reading our article, you will better understand how to choose high-quality natural hair and where to buy it in the US or Canada. 

How to Tell if Hair Extensions Are Real or Synthetic?

The easiest way to distinguish artificial strands from natural ones is to burn them:

  • Human hair will become a pile of ash.
  • Synthetic bundles will melt and turn into a burnt piece of plastic. When burning the strands will emit a strong chemical smell.

We don’t recommend synthetic hair, and here’s why:

  1. Such strands are much heavier than natural hair, which can damage natural curls.
  2. An artificial material cannot be dyed, straightened, or curled – the hair dye will not work, and the strands can melt at high temperatures.
  3. The shine of synthetic hair looks too unnatural, so it won’t blend with natural hair.

How to Find a High Quality Human Hair Extensions Supplier?

  • Explore the human hair suppliers market. Look for companies with positive reviews as it shows the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Look for suppliers that offer a wide selection of different materials for hair extensions, such as Slavic, Russian (dyed), and European hair.  Slavic hair is suitable for thin undyed curls, Russian – for slightly more dense and colored hair, and European can be used for the thickest strands.
  • Learn all about raw material processing. Many companies offer bundles from the Asian market that have been aggressively processed. Such hair will not serve you long, as hair cuticles were destroyed during disinfection. Choose brands that carry out disinfection according to all modern quality standards. It should be delicate to preserve the cuticles in their pristine form.
  • Make a purchase to evaluate the quality of the products and understand whether they meet your requirements.

In order not to spend much time searching for a reliable supplier, use the I Love Slavic Hair services iloveslavichair.com. The company offers a large selection of raw materials that have undergone delicate processing, making them as comfortable as possible to wear and with long service life. Just try and you would not change their hair extensions for any other!

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