Employees’ Professionalism is the Basis for the Success of IT Companies

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The web3 trend is spreading around the world, capturing more and more new IT companies. The result of this is an increase in demand for technical talent, which they are trying to attract with a promising idea for the evolution of the Internet. In turn, the concept of the third generation Internet is becoming more and more attractive to the network specialists themselves, and many of them express a desire to work with interesting innovative technologies.

Of course, the main resource of any network company is qualified employees who feel free in the world of decentralized technologies and blockchain. And any company that provides web3 infrastructure (WI) services using blockchain technologies is no exception. To implement different IT projects, a team of blockchain infrastructure experts has been formed, whose members have the necessary qualifications and experience to implement a wide variety of infrastructure solutions.

Competence of DevOps engineers

To compete successfully in the infrastructure services market, companies need to use innovative approaches in developing and maintaining software products. One of these  approaches is the DevOps methodology and its more advanced version – DevSecOps. The methodology itself is not just a set of some rules and instructions, it is a kind of philosophy, the implementation of which requires a team of so-called DevOps engineers (DOE). Now the DOE profession is quite in demand, despite the fact that it is considered difficult. To achieve the necessary competence, DOE must know not only the DevOps methodology itself, but also its tools and approaches. Further you can see the set of knowledge and skills that competent DevOps engineers must have.

– Knowledge of at least one general purpose programming language, such as Python. This is necessary in order to create convenient WIs that will be resistant to failures.

– Deep dive into databases.

– Ability to work with the Bash scripting language and understand Linux and Unix systems in order to perform system configuration and write scripts.

– Knowledge of the features of the virtual environment (container) and the container creation system – Docker, in order to launch any software product.

– Ability to manage a multi-container system (orchestration process).

– Knowledge of the most famous orchestration system – Kubernetes.

– Ability to work with Git, which is the most popular version control system, to be able to interact with different code systems to manage and configure the system.

– Ability to work with continuous deployment and delivery systems such as CI/CD.

– Ability to work with virtual servers to automate them, interacting with  companies who provide servers .

– Knowledge of the principle of IaC (Infrastructure as Code) and the ability to use unique software solutions for creating and running configuration scripts in order to shift the same type and routine actions into automated ones.

– Ability to use systems for automating the process of monitoring the current status of servers, collecting the necessary information, generating and sending reports on the results of monitoring, as well as visualizing the results.

Web3 specialist – the profession of the future

Obviously, the DOE selection criteria are quite high and it is necessary for them to constantly maintain the required level of competence as the web3 ecosystem itself develops. Of course, the set of knowledge and skills seems complicated, but this is due to the fact that such specialists work with the technologies of the “Internet of the future”. There are different functional areas of activity for IT specialists, but it is the DOE that is responsible for the correct operation of the entire WI system. Therefore, having the knowledge and skills listed above, DOE really constitute the main value of IT companies. Moreover, promising prospects are also unfolding for IT professionals themselves, because their profession will become more and more in demand.

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