Coworking Spaces in Melbourne

The Rise in Coworking Spaces in Melbourne: Opportunities for Growth

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With an increase in population and commercialization, many markets around the world have experienced a rise in coworking spaces. One of these is Australia, which is undergoing a notable increase in demand for them.

What Are Coworking Spaces?

Simply put, a coworking space is a working area that accommodates employees from different companies as they come to work. With inflation on the rise, there has been a need for low-cost workplaces for individuals to showcase their creativity. Coworking facilities are just that, leading to their popularity.

Since 2019, there has been a positive trend towards accommodation in hybrid workspaces in Melbourne. Research from commercial estate agency Colliers deduced that coworking areas account for 4.5% of the total office stock in this city. Due to the interrelated nature of business activity, this trend has affected other industries and businesses in a number of ways:

1. Real Estate

There is no longer a high, pressing need for traditional offices. As a result, real estate has had to adapt to the growing preference for flexible leasing arrangements. Collaborative hubs attract a variety of tenants, which gives investors a chance to diversify their portfolios. By understanding market needs and designing spaces to appeal to them, investors have all kinds of opportunities available following this rise in demand. 

It has essentially opened up a new market segment for them, which they can leverage with new facilities and technology, enhancing property value. For those looking for where to invest in this time of hot desking, commercial real estate Melbourne is an excellent option, with its potential for increasing rental yields, thus offering higher gains. 

2. Startups

Melbourne has a dynamic tech and startup system. With a rise in shared working environments, startup businesses have been given a window to cut down their overheads significantly. This results in efficiency and productivity gains, which are much needed for new businesses. 

Additionally, these spaces give you the chance to interact with other professionals, driving collaboration and advice, which can give novice entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their knowledge base. The entrepreneurs can then put this knowledge into action in the form of effective business strategies, thus inducing business growth. For startups, these gains can prove to be pivotal for survival in the competitive business environment, enabling them to thrive in their market.

3. Retail

Coworking centers attract a steady stream of professionals. The increase in foot traffic can boost the retail sector as there is potential to set up cafes, restaurants, and convenience stores. The inhabitants of these places may also prefer to frequent nearby retail refreshments, wanting a break from being cooped up in their offices. 

When combined with the increased brand exposure for the retailers through word of mouth within the coworking community, this can bring new customers for these businesses, allowing them to benefit from an increase in sales and profitability. Retailers seeking to expand their businesses should definitely consider setting up a shop near coworking venues. 


The surge in interest in collaborative working areas in Melbourne should not be feared but welcomed due to the sheer number of openings it can present for businesses and industries. Remember, change is however you take it, and it is up to you to take it positively for the growth of your business. 

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