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COMN: Re-Imagining Work, Travel, Enjoyment, Communication, And Living With VR And Blockchain


Technology augments human perception and limits its borders at the same time. Today, the phenomenal evolution in technology forces social systems and infrastructure as well as humans to change through it. Some examples of these technologies are IoT, AI, VR/AR/MR/XR, blockchain, etc. The concepts for these technologies have been around for a long time and they are evolving continuously.

Technologies regulate what people do, but users can choose to regulate how they utilize them in a smart and better way. Due to this scope of innovation, it is inevitable that scientists will continue to formulate hypotheses and experiment with them and people need to keep moving forward to open up new possibilities and realize the true potential of new technologies.

COMN, the Tokyo-based VR and Blockchain innovation company is making headway with these technologies to provide an enriched future.It created a virtual world named COMN, which will revolutionize every aspect of human lives in their work, communication, entertainment, shopping, etc. With no barriers of time or distance, users can create the ideal environment based on their unique needs and preferences.

Visionary Vision of COMN

COMN was established a few months after its founding members first met. Through their mutual connections, the founding members formed the extraordinary vision for this company, which comprises the utilization of two ground-breaking technologies, VR and Blockchain.

Based in Tokyo, COMN’s mission is to connect the real world with the virtual to change the way people interact with one another at work and to provide ways to live without the restrictions of time, space, or distance. As a leading company, COMN believes in making a real change in society for the human race by following values like inclusivity and equality, simplicity in solutions, and helping individuals to realize their true potential.

Expanding the Virtual World with “COMN VR Office”

COMN’s flagship service is the VR office and meeting room system, COMN. This advanced service is equipped with various different rooms, in which companies as well as teams can hold meetings, freelancers can collaborate with clients and partners, and anyone can work on any project seamlessly. One can conduct a meeting in outer space with planets and stars circling around to increase stimulation and innovation. Moreover, one can choose to work alone in a forest or on a beach, for maximum relaxation and concentration. Each of these rooms come equipped with whiteboards for brainstorming and file sharing capabilities, and each user has their own virtual tablet with messaging, memo, and many distinct features.

COMN has not yet been released and is still in the development stage. Its Alpha version will be released in June 2019, followed by the full version in December 2019. To help with development and marketing fees, COMN will do two rounds of crowdfunding; the first of which is due to start on December 21st 2018 on the Japanese crowdfunding site, Campfire and the second round will be held on Kick starter roughly in late January or February 2019.

Growing towards Success with COO’s Decision Making Capabilities

Takuya Watanabe is the COO and a member of the founding team of COMN. In addition, Takuya is temporarily taking over management for the position of CEO. According to him, the role of CEOs and business owners need to change little by little, as people are now in an era where their way of work is continually changing and improving. Additionally, it is necessary to have someone who can make the final decisions in order to keep the business moving forward. But, while being at the management and decision making positions, the leaders should not misuse technology in a way that would negatively affect society. Takuya’s role at COMN comes with many responsibilities, but he enjoys it by balancing the corporate and social tasks.

Innovation beyond Conventional VR Services

Already, there are other VR office and meeting room systems on the market, but COMN plans to go beyond what they do. Breaking the barriers of traditional VR technology, COMN provides more than just work-related services.

Its state-of-the-art VR office, COMN is a mix of enterprise VR and social VR that enables easy networking and meeting new people to collaborate with. It also provides seminars, talks, and lectures, all within VR. Furthermore, the leading VR service provider company plans to expand the platform until it comprises a whole new world in which one can conduct any number of activities, including shopping, gaming, fitness, education, and much more. The most impressive feature of COMN is that it combines VR with blockchain technology to ensure user information security and smooth operation of the platform.

Future Goals of COMN

According to COMN’s future strategies, COMN will be its first service to be launched, but it already has a team working on the next service, which has not yet been announced. The end goal of the leading VR service provider company is to expand the platform with no strings attached. However, one thing that COMN will focus on is balancing people’s livelihoods altogether with the virtual world.

In future, people all over the world will interact with VR as well as AR on a daily basis and use these technologies to enhance and improve their real lives, because COMN believes in the potential of humans to go beyond their current circumstances and freely create their ideal lifestyles.