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Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Winter: Helpful Tips

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During the winter months, in New Jersey the heavy snow storms and blizzards can make life tough. It’s no surprise that business owners in New Jersey counties like Morris, Somerset, Somerville, Bridgewater, Union and Hunterdon need to get their commercial roofs ready for winter. 

However many are unsure about how to go about preparing their roofs for the season. To lend a helping hand we’ve put together a list of tips that every business owner should keep in mind when getting their roof winter ready. So if you own a business with a building, in New Jersey this article is what you need.

Clean Your Commercial Roof From Leaves and Other Debris

Making sure your commercial roof is free of leaves and debris is crucial when getting it ready, for the winter season. Leaves and debris can block gutters and downspouts causing leaks. If not cleared from the roof and drainage system wet leaves can freeze, resulting in a buildup of water that can lead to leaks, on the roof. Remember to wear footwear to prevent slipping on surfaces while cleaning.

Remove Snow and Ice from the Roof

It’s important, to snow and ice from your roof to get it ready for winter. Like leaves snow adds weight to the roof and can cause damage to its structure. Having a pile of snow on your rooftop can also lead to water problems. When inspecting your roof make sure to look out for any ice buildup and remove it using water if necessary.

Clean Gutters and Drains

It’s important to keep your gutters clean to ensure water flow, in the drainage system. As we’ve discussed earlier blocked gutters can cause water damage and leaks so it’s crucial to stay on top of maintenance to avoid consequences that may even result in needing a new roof.

Examine Flashing and Caulking Parts

Caulking is typically found near curbs and parapets; if its not working well snow accumulation can lead to damage and leaks. The same applies to flashing components. If they are damaged or worn out water can seep through causing concerns, about leaks.

Inspect Skylights

One useful suggestion, for getting your commercial roof ready, for winter is to inspect the skylights. When examining them be sure to look out for any glass damage and check the condition of the flashing as leaks often occur around these areas on skylights.

Trim Tree Branches

To prepare a roof, for winter in New Jersey it’s important to keep tree branches clear to prevent damage from winds and storms. Hiring a professional to trim any overhanging branches can be a step, for business owners facing this task.

Get Your Commercial Roof Cleaned Today

To ensure your commercial roof is well prepared for winter it’s advisable to arrange a roof inspection, with MK Roofing, a commercial roofer based in New Jersey with over thirty years of experience in the industry.

Specializing in roofing services MK Roofing offers roof inspections for business owners in the New Jersey region.

During the inspection process we will thoroughly assess your roof for any signs of damage or wear. Following the inspection you will receive a written report outlining the condition of your roof and any necessary steps needed to restore it to its state.

With our expertise in roofing spanning three decades we have assisted business owners with their roofing concerns. If you require a winter inspection, for your commercial roof feel free to reach out to us at 908 323 9686 to schedule an appointment.

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