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Which Cisco certification is in demand in 2022?

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Cisco certifications Cisco, the networking giant, offers three certification levels: associate, professional, and expert. CCNA, CCNP Routing & Switching, CCNP Security, CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Security, CCNP and CCIE Data Center are the most sought after Cisco certifications.

The main distinction is that Cisco’s most sought-after certifications are now retired and no longer available for IT professionals to obtain. Moreover, cutting-edge technologies like wireless LAN, security architectures, automation, and programmability are currently in demand. Even if the names change, the demand remains the same. click this link here now to know about more. Cisco has also made its certification path more accessible by removing associate and professional level certification requirements.

Here are the top Cisco certifications to pursue in 2022.


Software-Defined Access addresses today’s network development, security, wireless and wired network concerns. It uses intent-based networking to provide policy-based automation from the edge to the cloud.

Segmentation, quality of service, and analytics may all be automated using SD-Access. Sd-access uses SDN to automate user and device policies for any wireless or wired network application. SD-Access also helps developers overcome obstacles like deploying a batch of switches requiring weeks. It speeds up network setup and management.

Professionals trained in SD-Access in 2022 can help firms set up secure network access for any person, device, or application in minutes.


Organizations need SD-WAN because legacy WANs aren’t equipped for cloud adoption’s WAN traffic. As businesses implement SaaS and IaaS, they are confronted with poor user application experience, administrative complexity, unpredictable application performance, and data security.

SD-WAN provides network managers with the ability to employ bandwidth for vital applications without compromising security or data privacy.

Network administrators must first study and understand technology to assist enterprises in this shift. That’s why Cisco created an SD-WAN certification test for network administrators to help them to master the technology and confirm their abilities to design, implement, configure, and maintain it. The Cisco SD-WAN training also teaches network engineers to assist organizations with SD-WAN migration.

Certificates for Cisco SD-WAN

ENSDWI 300-415

Exam fee: $300 + taxes (tax varies from country to country)

Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (ENSDWI)


Cisco’s Development Network is the first of its kind. The certification route prepares IT professionals for applications using automation, IoT, DevOps, and Webex. Cisco provides four DevNet certification levels: Associate, Specialist, Professional, and Expert.

(DEVAS 200-901):

The Cisco Certified DevNet Associate exam certifies basic network application abilities such as software development and design for Cisco platforms. The CCNA DevNet course is designed for software developers who wish to improve their programmability, software, and automation abilities.

DevOps training can help Network Engineers start their automation journey because they understand the network better.


Cisco Certified DevNet Professional (CCDP) certification certifies NetDevOps’s ability to effectively grow and protect infrastructure. Passing the core exam (DECOR 350-901) and a concentration exam (DECOR 350-902) earns a CCNP Dev Professionals may pick from industry-specific subjects such as,

Admin automation

Automated teamwork

A/C automation

Provider automation

Automated safety

Automated DevOps



DevNet Expert:

Cisco’s new certification path introduced a specialist level in each track, simplifying the certification process. You can become certified by simply passing a certification exam.

Each cert links development, operations, security, and network operations in Cisco settings. Passing many exams related to your employment function, interests, and career earns you a new speciality badge.

CCIE Development Network:

Cisco has developed DevNet expert-level lab certification to confirm advanced abilities in designing, implementing, and managing sophisticated automation-driven networks. Expert-level certification candidates can test on May 02nd 2022, and later.

IT (Infrastructure):

ACI simplifies, optimizes, and accelerates the application deployment lifecycle, bringing agility and reliability to the data centre.

The most fabulous feature of ACI is that it can collect and interpret higher-level business and user intent into the network architecture. Data centre engineers may provide unique business value using Cisco Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) developed on top of the Cisco Nexus platform.

Nowadays, network professionals must learn to develop, connect, and control networks across a broad multi-cloud environment to fulfil network speed and agility expectations.

Thus, Cisco ACI business benefits drive Network professionals to train and exams.

Cisco ACI is the most secure, open, and comprehensive Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution available today.

DCA 300-620

Exam fee: $300 + taxes (tax varies from country to country)

Implementing Cisco ACI (DCACI)

Organizations and IT professionals seek a consistent solution as application consumption increases throughout the company network. SD-WAN, Cisco ACI, and Cisco SD-Access provide solutions that automate, secure, and monitor their whole networking environment.

The future is here, and experts in these fields will help businesses embrace SDN. Others may have left to meet future demands. So click this link here now for further information.

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