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Can you cheat on slot machines online?

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The phrase cheaters never prosper is not always applicable in life. However, in slot gaming cheating is not something that pays off – check out the best Jackpot King Slots.

Cheating and slots

Whenever there is money to be won, there are always a few unsavoury individuals who want to cheat the system. Although cheating on slot machines has been less prevalent in recent years, it still happens from time to time. Cheating can take a variety of forms, casinos need to make sure that they are monitoring players in an attempt to combat cheating. In physical casinos, cheating is monitored by CCTV surveillance and security guards placed around the casino. Online casinos need to monitor cheating in a completely different way due to not being physically there. Often, online casinos will monitor player activity through records and software to try and capture cheaters. Thanks to modern technology, cheating in casinos is almost impossible. However that has not always been the case.

Ways to Cheat

Over the years, several cheating methods have become infamous with players. Although many of the following methods simply will not work in today’s casinos, they have remained well known due to being very successful at cheating the system.

  • Coin on a string trick – Although this method has been parodied endlessly in movies and television, it was actually a very effective method of cheating for many years! Players would simply tie a piece of string around a coin and pull the coin out when they put it in the machine.
  • Magnets – Some players would use magnets in an attempt to physically move the reels into a desirable position. This method had varying degrees of success as players would need to sneak in huge magnets in order to properly move the reels.
  • Climbing in the slot machine – Believe it or not but a few players have decided to take things into their own hands, literally. Often, they will get stuck and end up needing to be rescued by the very people they were trying to rob!

Online slot cheating

Physical slot cheating and online slot cheating are two completely different things. As there is no physical machine, it is incredibly hard for players to cheat an online slot.

  1. The traditional methods that players would use to cheat, such as a coin on a string or magnets, will not work with an online slot game.
  2. Players can only cheat online slots if the games are rigged in their favour somehow. Although unlikely, it does happen. There have been slot developers who have rigged games in their favour before.
  3. It is best not to worry about cheating whilst you are playing online slot games, there is no way that you will be able to cheat and get away with it. Focus on having fun instead!

Final Thoughts

In the past, players have been able to cheat slot machines to great effect. However, as technologies have improved, so has the casinos capacity to combat cheating. Today, slot cheating is practically impossible.

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