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CenturyLink Augments Its Network Connectivity Services through Google Cloud


The dedicated network connectivity

Organisations move their high-performance workload and applications to the cloud. CenturyLink, Inc. helping these enterprises to connect business premises and public data centres with the dynamic world of cloud. The company is able to do this with the help of its dynamic connection service Cloud Connect with Google Cloud platform. This extension will help to establish self-service, real-time, and dedicated network connectivity through thousands of endpoints in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe via CenturyLink’s secure, global fibre network.

Paul Savill, CenturyLink Senior Vice President said, “CenturyLink is supporting the digital business with direct, n-demand and scalable cloud networking solutions that customers can easily control. With this expansion, Google Cloud customers now have a new easy way to connect and control their cloud networking environment and adjust bandwidth in response to their evolving business needs.”

The connecting with data centres got smoother

CenturyLink Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections is vital for the company’s plan to get the edge. It enables real-time network connection from clients place to CenturyLink’s edge locations. This helps the business to implement and operate workloads in an agile structure. The unique edge services can connect thousands of data centres and office premises by using CenturyLink Cloud Connect to enable distributed IT services near to the edge of the network.

Kerry Takenaka, Product manager, Google Cloud said, “With CenturyLink Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections, enterprise will be able to connect their locations and scale their network up and down as quickly and easily as they do with their Google Cloud workloads. Having your network behave in a cloud-like elastic way will be a key enabler to enterprise hybrid cloud strategies and digital transformation.

Its Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections have self-service portal and API, which provides real-time control over the hybrid cloud networking through private Ethernet.