Luke Whiting
Luke Whiting: The Serial Entrepreneur with a Mission to Empower Through Education
Mirror Review’s latest story sheds light on the life and work of an Influential Education Leader who has transformed countless lives through the power of ...
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Ross Romano
Ross Romano: A Leadership Coach Guiding the Education Industry
Business leadership has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. The pandemic, the rise of remote work, and the entry of GenZ into the workforce ...
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Stefan Quartemont
Stefan Quartemont: Pioneering Professional Services & Education in the No-Code Software Industry
With change being the only constant for all business domains, leadership has evolved to become more flexible and highly adaptable. There has been a significant ...
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Shafik Mina
Crayola Imagine Arts Academy: Fostering Creative Spirits Amongst Children
The educational sector has been constantly transforming millions of lives. There have been numerous vital changes in the educational sector that have helped in its ...
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