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Best Practices for Creating Compelling Conversational Experiences for Your Customers on WhatsApp
I get asked a lot of questions. I’m a CTO. I expect people to ask me questions. Crazy, geeky, technical questions, because they know I’ll ...
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Maciej Burzynski
How to cut down product launching costs?
Maciej Burzyński is a product designer in Sybet, a Polish company that creates integrated security systems for the mining industry. He carries enormous responsibility, not ...
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Where To Begin If You Want To Deploy AI In Your Business Operations
There is no denying artificial intelligence is the conversation of the decade. Since a few highly specialized industries starting using it years ago, it has ...
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Katherine Colombino
The 7 Keys to Success
Success is a word that acquires a special and different meaning for each person. Obviously being successful does not imply being happy, they are different ...
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eSign Web Services
Market Your Business Online More Effectively in 2019
I bet you aren’t aware of the statistic that almost two-thirds of small business owners are responsible for at least three of the following areas ...
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AI machine learning deep learning
AI, Machine Learning, & Deep Learning: A Brief
Thanks to directors such as Lana Wachowski and James Cameron who manifested a great deal of the impacts of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in their movies, making ...
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Not All Data Heroes Wear Capes
Big data is a big deal. Every second, people around the world are creating new data and companies are collecting new data. In the race ...
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Deploying AI solution
Deploying AI solutions? Here are 5 risks to mitigate
Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are proliferating across industries, moving away from the buzz to industrialised implementations. Financial services, telecom, retail, logistics, media are examples of ...
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Machine & Structural Fatigue
Machine & Structural Fatigue: The Company Killer
Why Artificial Intelligence in maintenance is required today across industries. Industrial success is measured by a single metric: Uptime. We know equipment reliability issues are ...
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Normet Group - Mikko Immonen
Performance as a service
In recent years, companies in the mining and tunnelling business have expanded from supplying products to providing a broad range of services, as well. Given ...
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Leveraging Analytics
Leveraging Analytics for Power Transmission and Distribution
The Power Transmission and Distribution industry is experiencing major changes from its historical business structure of a vertically integrated utility to a combination of several ...
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Glympse- B2C eCommerce era
Why Last Mile Delivery Is The New Competitive Vanguard For Retail and Grocery eCommerce
According to a 2018 study, the preceding 18 months saw a 50% increase in last mile interactions, largely due to increased demand in B2C eCommerce. Here’s how your business ...
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