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Tips for Caring for Box Braids

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Box braids are not only stylish but the perfect protective hairstyle for those with natural hair. However, they do require some upkeep in order to keep them healthy. These simple tips will help maintain your box braids for weeks.

Read ahead to find out how to best care for your box braids.

What Are Box Braids?

Box braids, a popular protective hairstyle, consist of three stranded braids that are squared off. They can be any length or width and worn down or styled as you desire. They can be made with both natural and synthetic hair and are ideal for protecting natural hair during severe weather conditions.

Box braids take some time to achieve, but the payoff is that they can last for weeks or even months if properly cared for. Ideally, you should not keep your box braids longer than eight weeks.

How to Care for Box Braids

  1. Care for your hair before braiding

Before you box-braid your hair, be sure to shampoo and condition your natural hair. Next, take time to detangle and straighten it. Your hair must be completely dry prior to the braiding process.

Care for your hair before braiding

If using extensions, section your natural hair before braiding. Pay attention to the desired thickness and length. After you have braided your hair into box braids, seal each braid by dipping the entire braid in boiling water.

You can style your box braids in a variety of ways using hair accessories, pinning it up, or wearing them all down. There are endless ways to rock your gorgeous box-braided natural hair!

Bonus Tip: While updos are gorgeous, you should avoid pulling your hair up too often. This will pull on your hair and thus compromise the integrity of your box braids. Also, take care to use products for natural hair and avoid anything that contains alcohol, as this could dry out your box braids.

  1. Wash your box braids about once every fourteen days,

A lot of people tend to neglect washing their braids as they think that braided hair doesn’t need to be shampooed. However, just like your natural hair, box braids will acquire dirt and product build-up, as well as sweat. It is important to wash your braids at least twice a month to keep them from smelling funky.

  1. Protect your box braids while sleeping

It’s easy to forget to wrap your box braids prior to turning them in for the night. However, using a silk scarf to protect your braids while sleeping will prevent your roots from becoming dry. As well it will protect the ends. Silk is gentle on your hair and will prevent damage and breakage as you sleep. Those who do not like to sleep with a silk scarf might wish to use a cap or bonnet. However, sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help protect your braid if you do not like sleeping with anything on your head.

Protect your box braids while sleeping
  1. Care for your scalp as well as your box braids.

Just as your would moisturize your natural hair, it’s extremely important to keep your box braids hydrated. Your roots and scalp require moisture daily. Hydrating your braids regularly will keep your box braids hydrated and silky smooth. As well it will keep them from frizzing on especially humid days.

Fill a spray bottle with water or a bottle mixed with water and conditioner. YOu can also use shea butter, coconut oil, or your favorite (hair-safe) essential oil.

  1. Touch up your box braids when needed.

If your braids are starting to look frizzy and unkempt, you can schedule to have your braids touched up. As just your hairline will need to be rebraided, it will only require a quick trip to the salon.

  1. Make sure to trim any flyaways.

Take care to carefully trim any flyaways. Use caution to notice where your natural hair ends, and the extensions begin.

  1. Take care of the edges of your box braids.

Keep in mind you will have new hair growth, so it may feel a bit painful, like it is being pulled. You can actually help prevent this pain by pampering the edges of your box braids with coconut oil or using a hot cloth to soothe the pain.Follow this advice, and your box braids will last for weeks. Don’t leave them in longer than 2 months, however, as this could damage your hair!

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