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The Importance of Having Car Insurance When Road-Tripping

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Thanks to the flexibility of travel times and the ability to stop when needed, road-tripping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to travel. Whether it is a weekend getaway with your partner in the mountains or a cross-country journey with friends, a road trip presents you with plenty of opportunities and helps you discover places you never knew existed.

However, in order for your trip to be successful, it is important that you prepare well. From packing your essentials to making an itinerary, there are so many things you need to consider before you hit the road. One thing you must not forget about is obtaining car insurance.

In this article, we outline the importance of car insurance when traveling and how to prepare for the trip.

How does car insurance work for road trips?

Although there is no particular car insurance policy intended for road trips, it is advised that you have the best coverage when you go on an extended driving journey. In general, there are several types of auto insurance coverages you can consider for your trip, with the most relevant ones being:

  • Liability coverage;
  • Uninsured motorist coverage;
  • Collision coverage;
  • Comprehensive coverage;
  • Roadside assistance.

For example, liability insurance is necessary to have as it covers any damages or injuries you cause to others. When traveling, it is recommended that you carry the maximum liability car insurance coverage you can afford to stay protected on the road.

Because insurance quotes vary between companies, you should do your research and shop around for the best car insurance companies in your area that offer the best prices and suit all of your needs.

Also, since you will be traveling by car, it is advised that you add a roadside assistance plan to your existing car policy so you can ensure peace of mind on your road trip.

If you are driving your vehicle

If you decide to go on your adventurous road trip with your vehicle, there are two things you need to consider regarding your car insurance coverage.

Firstly, when you obtain auto insurance, you should know that your fellow passengers are allowed to drive your car as long as they are licensed, not under the influence, and not explicitly excluded from your policy. Although car insurance mainly protects the vehicle, the coverage can remain in place even if another person decides to take over the wheel during the trip.

Secondly, your insurance plan can increase policy limits in case you get involved in an out-of-state crash. Every country has different minimum requirements for auto insurance and if the damages and expenses go over your policy’s limit, your insurance carrier won’t penalize you for carrying the lower coverage.

If you are renting a car

If you decide to hit the road in a rental vehicle, you should consider obtaining rental car insurance. Some common insurance coverages you can choose include:

  • Collision damage waiver;
  • Loss damage waiver;
  • Supplemental liability insurance;
  • Personal accident insurance;
  • Personal effects coverage.

Although each of these plans covers different things, their greatest benefit is that you won’t have to worry about using your personal insurance and suffer the consequences of a potentially higher premium. In fact, you won’t even have to pay a deductible.

If you are leaving the country

If you are considering taking your trip out of state, there are a few important things you need to know regarding auto insurance.

For example, if you are traveling to Canada, your American auto policy will most likely be valid in the country. Just remember that you may need to provide proof of insurance to border agents when going across.

On the other hand, if you are traveling to Mexico, your car insurance won’t be valid. Instead, you may be required to purchase a Mexican insurance plan instead, to stay protected on the road and avoid severe consequences such as steep fines and even jail time.

 leaving the country

Final thoughts

Although road-tripping is one of the most rewarding experiences, it is important that you are well prepared for your journey in advance. This means obtaining a suitable car insurance plan to stay safe on the road and protect yourself from costly damages and expenses.

If you want to know more about car insurance when traveling, refer to our post and learn the importance of obtaining one for road trips.

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