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Car Dealers Partners with Mobility4Kids to Bring Change in the Lives of Kids with Special Needs in Utah


Pumper car is not just a toy now

The toy that was conceived for playtime has changed into an efficient mobility device for special needs children. The Pumper Car was quite involved in assisting these young kids in schools and in physical therapy sessions to get core strength and good motor skills through fun activities.

The Utah Automobile Dealers Association in collaboration with Mobility4Kids, a non-profit organization is organizing these events. They are giving over 100 Pumper Cars and providing adaptive physical education programming to schools in Utah. The recipients of the grant will take the delivery on December 9, 2019.

Jill Droubay of Rob Droubay Chevrolet was quite enthusiastic after watching the special needs kids ride the Pumper cars. She said. “They finally have this freedom they’ve never had. Suddenly the school bell rang and kids came pouring out into the hallway where the special needs kids were riding the Pumper Cars and they just cheered these kids on. They were the stars finally and they loved it.”

The movement got great support from the car dealers of Utah

The movement was started by Stephen Wade Toyota, Mark Bradshaw Chevrolet, and Rob Droubay Chevrolet. The initiative saw them collaborating with local district authorities and this caught the attention of others as they also joined the movement. Nate Wade Subaru, Siener Chevrolet, Brad Strong Volkswagen, Blake Strong Audi and Porsche, Tim Dahle Nissan and Chris Wilson Nissan Dealership got involved. The aid providers also included the Larry H. Miller Family Foundation and Murdock Family Foundation.

The recent research has indicated that Pumper Car helps children suffering from different kinds of condition which includes ADHD, spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. The Pumper Car requires kids to pedal using their legs and arms, which strengthens their core muscles and also helpful in speech development.