Cannabis Cultivation Innovations

Cannabis Cultivation Innovations for 2022

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4 Innovations in cannabis cultivation

The march of progress

Innovations in cannabis cultivation are on the increase. Legalization has opened up a vast market where forward-thinking companies may sell their products. Cannabis innovations like autoflower seeds drive profits, create jobs, and make growing more accessible.

4 Innovations in cannabis cultivation


We’ve looked at some of the more innovative cannabis products and technological developments. Read on to look at some of the most exciting advancements coming to the future of cannabis cultivation.



Leveraging AI and optical recognition technology, Annaboto is revolutionizing home growing. This automated growing machine is capable of raising a cannabis plant with minimal user assistance.

Annaboto uses deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics to raise your plant. This process eliminates the need for soil and allows for rapid and precise nutrient delivery. According to the makers, Annaboto used Robotic Nutrient Dispensing to ensure optimal plant growth.

Above “ground,” Annaboto features a chip-on-board (COB) light system. This innovation features a high-density LED array that runs exceptionally efficiently, providing more light for less energy.

Adding to these impressive features, Annaboto collects and compares data gathered with its cameras and other sensors to adjust growing parameters. The AI driving Annaboto’s data collection then uses the information to optimize plant care.

Annaboto represents a step forward for cannabis growing innovation. Its formidable technical specs pair with an elegant form inspired by Italian design principles. This slim, minimalist device blends in seamlessly with any home.

Anaboto is an excellent solution for space-limited growers, especially in urban environments. With this innovative product, all you need to get started is some water and a cannabis seed.

Gas chillers

Cannabis Innovations

Large-scale indoor cannabis cultivation is incredibly energy-intensive. Per square foot, indoor grow-ops use about ten times more electricity to run than an average office. While you might think lighting eats up the bulk of that, the reality is somewhat surprising.

50–60% of the energy used to grow marijuana indoors goes toward cooling and dehumidifying the cultivation space. Farmers must bear this huge expense or risk losing their entire crops to mold or mildew.

Rising energy costs in recent times have led some to seek cannabis growing innovations that might solve their problems. One of these alternatives that’s gaining traction is the use of gas-driven chillers.

These units run on natural gasses like propane and utilize the principle of cogeneration. This technology means they can produce chilled water for cooling and hot “waste” water that cultivators may use elsewhere.

Companies such as Tecogen claim their units are over twice as efficient as standard cooling solutions. This efficiency results in a 50% energy cost reduction and a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

With energy costs only rising in the near future, alternative cooling solutions like these will likely see more use. Their rapid uptake is an excellent example of necessity being the mother of invention.


Genetic editing

Genetic editing Cannabis Innovations

Advancements in genetics are making big waves in the cannabis industry. Genetic editing is nothing new in cannabis cultivation, as that’s precisely what breeders have been doing for decades.

What is new is the method of altering the genetic composition. Instead of spending years breeding in desirable traits, achieving the same results in a matter of weeks is possible.

Commercial seed producers like CanBreed use CRISPR technology to create stable and genetically uniform seeds. They also claim to have altered a plant’s genes to be more resistant to powdery mildew.

Although it’s still early days for CRISPR, a cannabis industry innovation like this has enormous potential and certainly warrants further attention. Developments in this area may also benefit those producing kratom extract and powder.

Crop steering

Crop steering

The process of crop steering is becoming easier thanks to developments in data collection and automated growing systems. Crop steering is the process of inducing hormonal changes in plants through precise environmental control.

The two main areas growers focus on are climate control and fertigation systems. Feeding solutions like those offered by Rhythm use sensor-collected data to automate watering. This action cuts down on labor and allows for an accurate, consistent nute mix for the plants.

The effectiveness of environmental control systems is only as good as your data. Companies like Trolmaster offer a range of innovative ECS solutions. Sensors measure climate, lighting, and atmosphere to create the ideal environment for your cultivation space.

For crop steering in cannabis, innovation in sensor technology and data analysis are changing how large-scale operations work. With more info to hand, resources are used more efficiently, resulting in higher productivity at lower costs with less waste.

The march of progress

As the after-effects of legalization settle in, companies see that there’s good money to be made in the industry. Cannabis innovations are inevitable, and with a legal customer base to target, their frequency is only set to increase.

While some advancements are currently only feasible for large-scale projects, they’re still good news for all growers. If you’re considering raising some plants, there’s never been a better time to start. Get some high-quality cannabis seeds and have fun.

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