All-you-can-eat mobile deal introduced by Germany based Deutsche Telekom

All-you-can-eat mobile deal introduced by Germany based Deutsche Telekom

Germany based telecommunications company, Deutsche Telekom has introduced its first all-you-can-eat mobile tariff in its home market for elevating income through per user which is almost half of its successful rival, T-Mobile launched by U.S.

Currently, an estimated 7 million customers are using Deutsche Telekom based MagentaMobil product range costing 19.95 euros ($24.60). If a new deal is signed by the corporate world, it could have a 5 figure value to its brand at 19.95 euros ($24.60) a month.

As per the company’s statistics report, there was a 4.8% decline (20 euros) in Telekom’s average monthly revenue per user (ARPU) for contractual customers in Germany. On the other hand, U.S based T-mobile brand  sells postpaid ARPU at 39 euros.

The latest MagentaMobil XL package which is valued at 79.95 euros a month, features endless high speed data for searching and streaming within its home base, and 23 gigabytes of data for roaming across the European Union.

Telekom’s new Germany head Dirk Woessner, said in an interview that, “We are growing in mobile and we are building our market leadership by sales volume.”

In spite of orders by the German federal network regulator to offer the same services throughout the EU, the company does not wish to make any changes in different mobile video streaming product, called StreamOn.

“We see StreamOn as an offering that is very popular – and that is clean and fair into the bargain. Nothing has changed there,” added Woessner.