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Blockchain startup Citizens Reserve unveils a new supply chain solution

Citizens Reserve

Tech startup and a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Chamber of Digital Commerce and Blockchain in Transport Alliance, Citizens Reserve has announced a blockchain-based supply chain solution, SUKU.

The company is backed by Deloitte’s Former Global Blockchain Lead, Eric Piscini, the man who helped turn Deloitte’s global blockchain practice into a $50 million operation.

Citizens Reserve is a shared database specifically designed and focused on supply chain solutions. The company serves clients including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Citizens Reserve develops powerful solutions framed on the blockchain to transform businesses on a global scale.

Eric Piscini, Citizens Reserve CEO, said, “The current supply chain environment is complex and difficult to navigate. Almost all enterprises require a supply chain to some extent, but the technology supporting them remains expensive, inefficient and fragmented.” Further, he stated, “With SUKU, we’re planning to build the decentralized supply chain as-a-service platform that can span across industries, enabling our trading partners to interact in a way that’s been all but impossible up until now.”

Supply chain backed by the power of blockchain

The company’s latest product, SUKU, blockchain-based ecosystem offers a supply-chain-as-a-service platform for enterprises, making the supply chains more efficient, transparent, and secure. In addition, it has a marketplace with “buy/sell” model and reputation system with the smart matchmaking engine to increase the commerce opportunities for users.

SUKU consists of applications and solutions that are employed by supply chain participants.  The platform also plans to be a decentralized software distribution model, which will be on-demand, and open to its clients. A token will be provided to the technology partners to enable them to use the SUKU platform and operate nodes, to build and govern the platform.

The technology partners will develop the applications, services, or core components to enhance the SUKU ecosystem, which will standardize the supply chain management processes and data.