Apple purchases Laserlike to enhance its virtual assistant Siri

Apple purchases Laserlike

Improving Apple’s portfolio

Technology giant, Apple has bought Laserlike which is a small machine learning start-up company. The acquisition of Laserlike would help Apple to improve its virtual assistant Siri for delivering better personalized results. Laserlike’s team will work along with Apple in order to enhance Apple’s machine learning initiative as well as Siri. Along with that, Apple has recently acquired a handful of companies which also includes a start-up called Pullstring, which helps developers design voice apps. This acquisition will enhance Siri and its portfolio of products that depend on artificial intelligence

Customised content for users

Since the launch of Siri in 2011, Apple has struggled to keep up with the capabilities and performance of rival voice assistants namely Amazon and Google. Laserlike’s technology will help Siri to provide tailored content for users by using machine learning to collect data from the internet. The process to get personalised results requires first users to submit their interests in the form of simple search results to an eponymous app. Furthermore, the app would show results that could be browsed similar to that of news. The search results would be shared socially via an in-app “inbox.”

Eliminating irrelevant search results

The standards of Siri’s search results have been mediocre because users requests for information on particular right kind nouns and ideas. As a result to the user request, nonsensical responses are generated in seek effects because of mistakes in language parsing and popularity. There is a need to eliminate irrelevant result and that’s where Laserlike’s technology would help Apple arrive at the correct search results with the help of its internet canvassing gadget. Besides that, Laserlike’s technology could be developed to recommend additional sites to visit based on a user’s browsing habits. Additionally, Laserlike’s employees shall be running to beef up Siri’s long-troubled talent to fetch relevant data from the internet