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Amazon’s Planned to Hire 50,000 to Celebrate its First National ‘Jobs Day’

There were long lines outside Amazon’s warehouses on Wednesday, as the giant planned to hire 50,000 to Celebrate its First National ‘Jobs Day’.

The motto was to hire 50,000 workers within a four-hour time frame at 12 fulfillment center locations ranging from Washington State to Tennessee, is part of Amazon’s pledge to hire 130,000 workers by 2018.

Usually, Amazon and other retailers traditionally, make a summer hiring push in order to ramp up for the busy holiday shopping season, the scale of the hiring is in stark contrast to the brick-and-mortar retail Armageddon — thousands of store closings that the over-built retail industry has blamed on Amazon’s ability to get shoppers to buy from home online.

In a statement, Amazon said that it offers competitive pay and benefits for full-time workers as well as part-time workers after the workers have been employed 90 days. This time the salary for the advertised positions range from $11.50 an hour in Tennessee to $13.75 an hour near company’s Seattle headquarters.

Amazon asks the prospective employees to bring photo ID and refrain from wearing dangly clothing, keep hair and beards tidy, and to wear close-toe shoes.

For those who could not appear for this mass hiring, Amazon has its online portals available!