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Allscripts’ subsidiary partners with MIB EHR for life insurance data exchange

Allscripts’ subsidiary partners

Veradigm, a part of Allscripts’ Payer & Life Sciences division partners with MIB to offer medical data access

Veradigm, a provider of data-driven health insights and analytic solutions has declared a new partnership with MIB, which provides data-driven risk management services for the life insurance industry. Veradigm already became a brand for Allscripts’ Payer & Life Sciences division. Under this agreement, MIB EHR will access electronic health record (EHR) data via Veradigm’s eChart CourierTM service for use in life insurance underwriting by MIB’s 400 U.S. It will also provide help for encrypted transfer of health data for the purposes of underwriting policies.

Veradigm’s eChart Courier working for MIB EHR

Veradigm’s eChart Courier will provide help to retrieve medical chart by automating the process and exchanging encrypted records electronically. MIB EHR will use Veradigm eChart Courier to provide life insurers with electronic health records, when authorized by the individual applying for the insurance policy. It replaces the current phone/fax workflow for retrieving medical records. Further, it provides key operational efficiencies that benefit life insurers, healthcare providers and consumers alike. Veradigm builds upon Allscripts vast healthcare network, extending and enhancing existing solutions in bold new ways to improve the quality, to reduce cost and to increase the speed of healthcare.

Need of life insurance products in rapidly evolving online environment

Lee Oliphant, MIB’s president and CEO, stated, “Both MIB and Veradigm share a similar commitment to improving efficiency and streamlining processes using high-speed, electronic clinical data.” Furthermore, he added, “MIB EHR solves a vexing problem for our life insurance members how to more efficiently provide life insurance products to customers in today’s rapidly evolving online environment.”

Reduction in manual tasks with automation

Tom Langan, Veradigm CEO, said, “By working with companies like MIB, we help solve for inefficiencies and reduce bottlenecks for our clients and their customers.” In addition, he stated, “We reduce the administrative burden placed on healthcare providers through automating manual processes that add cost and complexity to the healthcare system. We will continue to deliver on our promise to provide next-generation solutions that make a positive difference from the point-of-care to everyday life.”