6 Tips to Grow AK 47 Cannabis Strain

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AK-47 is a popular cannabis strain known for its high THC content and uplifting effects. But before you dive into cultivation of this living strain legend, it’s crucial that you know how to grow it properly to unlock its full potential. In this article, we give you some tips to grow the AK-47 cannabis strain successfully.

1. Choose the Right Environment

The AK-47 cannabis strain is versatile, adaptable to various growing conditions, whether indoors or outdoors. For indoor cultivation, the strain benefits significantly from an environment where the conditions are meticulously managed. Proper ventilation is crucial to prevent any moisture-related issues that could lead to mold or mildew.

The best temperature range for growing AK-47 is between 68°F and 80°F (20°C to 27°C) during the daytime, with a slight drop at night to emulate the cooler natural environment. Humidity levels should be managed carefully; during the vegetative stage, a humidity level of 65-70% is conducive to growth, but this should be reduced to around 40-50% during flowering to prevent mold and mildew.

When grown outdoors, the AK-47 strain shows a preference for climates that mimic the warm and sun-drenched ambiance of the Mediterranean. It’s essential for outdoor growers to choose a spot that receives an ample amount of direct sunlight throughout the day. Such conditions not only facilitate robust growth but also help in developing the strain’s unique flavor profile and potency.

Also, remember that choosing high-quality seeds is as crucial as providing your plant with the optimum growing conditions. Luckily, with plenty of reputable seed banks and retailers like Herbies Seeds, getting high-quality seeds of AK-47 cannabis strain has never been easier!

2. Use Quality Soil

To cultivate AK-47 effectively, it’s essential to start with a high-quality organic soil mix. This soil should have excellent drainage properties to prevent waterlogging, which can lead to root rot and other harmful conditions for the plant. Additionally, the soil should be nutrient-rich, supplying the plant with all the necessary food it needs to grow strong and healthy. The inclusion of organic matter such as compost or worm castings can enhance the soil’s fertility, potentially leading to a more flavorful and potent harvest.

Alternatively, growers may opt for non-soil mediums like coco coir, which is made from the fibrous husks of coconuts. Coco coir provides a neutral and inert environment that, when paired with a tailored nutrient regimen, can result in faster growth rates and greater control over the plant’s nutrition. For an even more controlled growing environment, hydroponic systems can be employed.

3. Provide Adequate Lighting

The AK-47 strain is known for its need for intense lighting to reach its full potential, particularly during the flowering stage when the buds form and require additional energy to mature. Ensuring that your plants receive enough light will promote strong growth and can significantly impact the quality and quantity of the yield. When cultivating indoors, growers have the advantage of selecting optimal lighting systems to mimic the spectrum and intensity of natural sunlight.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights, such as Metal Halide (MH) for the vegetative phase and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) for the flowering phase, are popular choices among growers for their effectiveness in promoting plant growth. These lights are favored for their deep penetration into the canopy, which is beneficial for growing dense and resinous AK-47 buds. However, they do generate a lot of heat and consume more electricity, which can be a drawback for some growers considering energy costs and heat management.

LED grow lights are a more modern alternative, offering the full spectrum of light needed for all stages of growth while being more energy-efficient and producing less heat than HIDs. Advanced LED systems can provide a tailored light spectrum to optimize growth at each stage, from vegetative to flowering, and are becoming the preferred choice for many because they reduce the need for additional cooling systems and are easier on the electricity bill.

Regardless of the choice between HID and LED lighting, it’s crucial for growers to maintain an appropriate light schedule and ensure that their plants are not exposed to light during their dark periods, as this can stress the plants and affect their growth cycle. Proper light management is key to maximizing the potential of the AK-47 strain, leading to a successful harvest.

4. Maintain Proper Nutrient Levels

The AK-47 cannabis strain, much like other high-yielding plants, demands a rich and balanced diet to support its vigorous growth and potent bud production. Nutrients play a critical role in the plant’s lifecycle, with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium being the primary macronutrients required. However, these macronutrients must be carefully balanced, as an excess or deficiency can lead to poor plant health and reduced yields.

Micronutrients, though needed in smaller quantities, are just as essential for the optimal growth of the AK-47 strain. Elements such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, along with trace minerals like iron, manganese, zinc, copper, and boron, are vital for various plant processes.

It’s beneficial to use fertilizers that are specifically formulated for cannabis, as these typically contain the correct ratios of nutrients tailored to the plant’s specific growth stages. During the vegetative stage, a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen content is preferable to stimulate growth. As the plant transitions to the flowering stage, phosphorus and potassium should become more prevalent to encourage bud development and blooming. Overfertilization can lead to nutrient burn, characterized by a yellowing or browning of leaf tips, so precision in feeding is critical.

5. Pruning and Training

Pruning and training are essential techniques in cultivating the AK-47 cannabis strain to maximize yield and enhance bud quality. Topping is a common method where the main stem is cut to encourage the plant to grow horizontally rather than vertically, producing more colas and allowing light to reach lower branches. This technique can be implemented early in the vegetative stage to create a bushier plant with a wider canopy, which is beneficial when space is limited or under grow lights. By cutting the plant’s main shoot, you redistribute the plant’s growth hormones to the side branches, prompting them to develop into dominant stems.

Low-stress training (LST) is another technique that involves gently bending and tying the plant’s branches to change the plant’s shape and expose more of the plant to light. LST can be done alongside topping or as a standalone practice, depending on the grower’s goals and the plant’s response. By bending the branches and securing them in place, you can create an even canopy where all buds receive equal light, which is less stressful to the plant than topping. This method not only improves light penetration but also optimizes airflow among the leaves, reducing the risk of fungal diseases.

The use of a trellis system, or screen of green (SCROG), is particularly effective for the AK-47 strain. Installing a horizontal screen above the plants and weaving the branches through the screen can support and spread the plants out evenly. As AK-47 plants grow through the trellis, their branches can be trained to grow horizontally, ensuring that each bud site is adequately exposed to light, leading to more consistent bud sizes and a greater overall yield. Moreover, a trellis helps support the weight of the buds during the flowering stage, preventing branches from bending or breaking, which is crucial as AK-47 can produce hefty yields under optimal conditions. These techniques, when applied correctly, can significantly increase the productivity of an AK-47 crop and improve the accessibility for maintenance and harvesting.

6. Harvest at the Right Time

The flowering phase is a crucial period in the growth cycle of the AK-47 strain, typically spanning between seven to nine weeks. During this time, the plants stop growing in size and start to produce the buds that will be harvested. The timing of the harvest is pivotal for the type of high the buds will produce. Trichomes, the tiny crystalline structures on the surface of the buds, provide a visual indicator of maturity and potency. When most trichomes have turned a milky white color, the THC content is at its peak for providing an uplifting and cerebral effect. This stage is often preferred by those seeking a more energizing and stimulating experience from their cannabis.

In contrast, waiting until a significant portion of the trichomes has transitioned from milky white to an amber hue signals a shift in the chemical composition, with an increase in the sedative cannabinoid, CBN. This stage is typically associated with a more relaxing and soothing effect, which can be beneficial for stress relief or aiding with sleep. It’s a matter of personal preference and intended use that dictates the exact timing of the harvest.

Wrapping Up

By following these tips, you can successfully grow AK-47 and enjoy its potent and uplifting effects. And remember to always check your local laws and regulations before growing cannabis.

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