AI-Driven Mass Hire Technology has been launched by Rewired Solutions

Rewired Solutions

 Rewired Solutions, the AI-driven volume hiring solution, has announced the launch of its standalone platform. Rewired Solutions continues to offer the fuller sourcing as a service package to those clients wishing to tap its team of seasoned specialists; however, this new release gives greater flexibility to those interested in Rewired Solutions’ unique offering.

With the launch of Rewired Solutions’ standalone platform, recruiting teams will be able to build their self-owned campaigns, accessing millions of data points that Rewired Solutions has collected from its experience working with market leaders in retail, consulting, aerospace and defense, telecommunications and other industries.

In addition to the standalone capability, the client and campaign dashboards offer better accessibility and incorporate extensive views for qualified candidate data. The updated dashboards give recruiter and sourcing professionals the ability to make quick, informed decisions on whether they want candidates to even apply for a position.

Standalone AI-driven volume hiring platform

The platform doesn’t require the submission of resumes, which is sometimes a barrier to qualifying the best candidates. Oftentimes the ideal candidates are passive candidates who aren’t necessarily looking for new opportunities and may not have a resume prepared. The platform allows recruiters to connect with candidates where they are and prompts them through a real-time, intuitive process of self-qualification on an array of attributes, including skills, personality traits and other parameters that will likely make the candidate successful in the role, rather than relying on time-stamped documentation.

CEO of Rewired Solutions, Tim Hearon said that they are now empowering recruiters and HR professionals to take that idea and host.

He continued saying that this release has been three years in the making. During that time, they had the fortune to work with many blue-chip companies. Their platform has been stress-tested in very demanding, high-stakes business environments for large-scale hiring campaigns. They have proven the effectiveness of their technology to profile and attract the right candidate and now they are giving their clients more flexibility to bring this tech in-house.