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5 Tips to be aware about Online Security

Online Security

Security I the first thing everyone have to be careful about. Let it be family or organization, security comes first. Here are some valuable security tips you should not neglect!

Posting on Social Media

Always be very careful while posting anything on social media. This is the source for a cyber-attacker to target you or your organization.

Don’t Rely on Firewalls, Anti-Virus and Filters

If you are having that mindset that you are well secured, you are living with a myth. Because hackers are there waiting with the best suitable weapons to attack and break your security.

Deleting Files

You try to delete a file from your computer, but the file is still there on your computer. There should be a secure deletion used by you to remove the file entirely from your computer.

Plugins are Security Treat!

The plugins or add-on you have installed in your browser is actually the invites of security treats. Always be careful that the plugins you are using are current. When you don’t need a plugin, just remove it.

Be Aware While Doing Online Shopping!

You just cannot help it when you see the product of your choice available there with the discount of 40%. But here is the biggest security threat. Always, be careful while making payments. There are some ways to avoid it, and that is to use credit cards instead of a debit card. Because the recovery of the money is easier in this way of payment. There are some more secure options available out there like, gift cards and one-time-use credit cards.

Pay attention towards these security treats!