The 20 Impeccable Women in Business 2017

Nina Simosko

Who Runs the World?

Though it is a bold statement, but this time I would surely scream loudly, ‘Girls’!

Well, I don’t mean to be biased, but when you will read this issue, surely you’re going to repeat me too! This time we have come up with a special issue, The 20 Impeccable Women in Business 2017 to celebrate the ‘woman power’. This is our pure effort to unveil the stories of these unsung women. These are the women who have achieved a lot in their respective industries and these are the women that are transforming the world with their wit and skills.

On the cover of The 20 Impeccable Women in Business 2017, we have with us, Nina Simosko, an optimistic leader, giving a new dimension to leadership.  President and CEO of NTT Innovation Institute, Inc (NTT i³), Nina is a leader who puts her team first and considers everything other as secondary.  A catalytic leader in the technology industry, Nina is giving a new dimension to the definition of  leadership.

In this issue, we also have with us Nicole Martin, CEO and Founder of HRBoost, a true inspiration changing the HR dimensions. Also, we have with us, Marina Tognetti, who’s helping the world communicate, with her company mYngle, an online language learning platform. You can also read an article about Alicia Asín, Co-Founder & CEO of Libelium, who is a thought leader in pursuit of innovation. Alicia believes that IoT will be the next tech revolution. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences on the issues related to Smart Cities, Wireless Sensor Networks and the IoT.

I can assure you that you just can’t afford to miss an article written on, Marci McCarthy, who’s celebrating the achievements and endeavors of the unsung heroes of security. With a resolution to showcase unparalleled innovation in the information security industry, Marci, CEO & President of T.E.N. has dedicated her career to the efforts. Also, you just can’t miss to read an article about Deborah Herman, a fabric innovator being an inspiration to global womenpreneur. Deborah, Owner and President of Fabric Innovations have ‘a passion for creating beautiful products’. We also have with us, Maureen Huber, a leader inspiring the womenfolk. Maureen, CFO and COO at Stratus Video is setting an example before all the ambitious women out there.

Standing tall in the male dominated industry is not at all a piece of cake! But there are some very bold and inspiring women out there proving every assumption wrong and standing shoulder-to- shoulder with men in their industry. One such woman is Pam du Plessis, Managing Director at Invincible Valves, who is an inspirational leader, creating a difference. There is one more inspiring woman, Johnette van Eeden, who’s creating a difference in the wellness industry with her venture  Star Wellness®. A woman, who have experienced hardships in her life but never found herself  broken is Kathy Kamei, Designer and CEO of the line of jewelry that bears her name expresses that a piece of jewelry can inspire a person to break from the pack and celebrate their own uniqueness.

The women leaders highlighted in this special issue of The 20 Impeccable Women in Business 2017 are not just the game changers, but true inspirations for all the womenfolk out there! In this attempt of unveiling the stories of these wonderful women, we are honored to write about such great ladies, their ups and down, their achievements and most importantly about the way they are inspiring others. I would love to thank all these great females for giving us a chance to share their wonderful journeys with the world!