The 10 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers of 2017



Penetration of IoT devices, increasing number of mobile devices, emergence of social media, demand for smart devices, and needs for enhanced organizational procedures are a few of the trends that are creating enormous processable data. This outbreak of data needs to be efficiently collected and processed into a usable format.

Furthermore, generation of such a huge amount of data deals with potential security threats. Organizations operating within sensitive market segments such as Finance, Healthcare, and Insurance are more concerned about the security features provided by big data solutions. Big data solution provider companies around the globe are determined to overcome all the complications related to this technology, in order to allow their clients to relish the power of data.

In the issue, The 10 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers of 2017, we have picked the companies that are helping their clients to leverage the advantages of big data. These enterprises are staying ahead in the technology curve by discovering new applications of data computing and by eliminating current complications.

In 1990, owners of one of the largest Taco Bell franchises in the U.S., saw an opportunity to improve their business by more effectively leveraging their data. This has resulted into the inception of Delaget, a company that utilizes data to make restaurants smarter and more profitable. Through the top-notch technology used and the simplicity of the solutions, Delegate has been successful to bag some of the biggest multi-national brands, including Papa John’s,  Panda Express, Sonic, KFC, Hardee’s, IHOP, Hard Rock Café, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Under the leadership of CEO, Jason Tober the company is expanding at a remarkable speed and partnering with more franchises.

On the other hand, Bay Microsystems is a company that leverages their innovative and patented IP to allow their clients to move data between or among locations with deterministic, lossless performance, bridging the gap between enterprise or cloud storage systems across regions, nations or the globe.

In this magazine we have also featured Argyle Data, a big data solution provider, focused on providing telecoms companies with solutions for fraud detection, creditworthiness, subscriber validation and revenue assurance. Furthermore, we have listed Innominds as one of The 10 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers of 2017. Innominds is a technology provider which has delivered more than 30 projects in Big Data for various verticals such as BFSI, Healthcare, Telecom, Travel, and Transportation. We also have Beyond the Arc, a recognized leader in customer experience (CX), which help companies attract customers, improve customer experience, and apply data-driven strategies.

We have featured these companies in The 10 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers of 2017 on the basis of their top-notch big data solutions, their commitment towards client satisfaction, and their efforts towards contentment of their workforce. In this magazine, we have also included tips given by the leaders of these companies to the young entrepreneurs trying to make their way in the big data market.