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The 10 Most Pre-eminent Cloud Solution Providers of 2017

Cloud Solution Providers of 2017

It is the immeasurable benefits offered by cloud computing that is making every business to go for it. Cloud computing offers many benefits for the business, in a way setting a virtual office that helps in operating the business from anywhere, at any time!

This need of a cloud computing in the modern work makes the cloud solution provider play a crucial role in your business growth. Cloud solution providers aren’t just offering cloud storage, but offers security, flexibility and convenience to monitor your work from anywhere.

Cloud solution providers offer an opportunity to the businesses to be updated with the data anywhere, anywhere. It helps a lot in crises like a natural disaster or a power failure. Your data is truly safe in the hands of these cloud solution providers.

In this issue of The 10 Most Pre-eminent Cloud Solution Providers of 2017, we have shortlisted the 10 best cloud solution providers, giving you access to your data easily, from anywhere, anytime.

A few years ago, Deepak Garg, a successful entrepreneur realized how rapidly the world was evolving into a technology-driven world, but alongside the impact on the environment was being ignored. This propelled him to conceptualize and establish Smart Energy Water—a company with a vision to leverage technology to address the global challenges of energy and water sustainability—in 2012. SEW addresses the key challenges of electric, water, and gas utilities by providing the best digital customer engagement, mobile workforce and smart analytics cloud platforms.

In this issue, we have with us, Nigel Stokes, Founder, President and CEO of AppZero. Nigel is a person whose business history illustrates his fondness to work on and solve tough automation challenges. Along with him, Shailendra Sinhasane (Shail), CEO of Mobisoft Infotech, a technology provider that has gained the trust of numerous enterprises through its reliable and advanced solutions. Also, on our list, we have George and Jill Hefter, Founders of  TCT Computer Solutions, a cloud solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses.

This issue of The 10 Most Pre-eminent Cloud Solution Providers of 2017, is an insight into the technology advancements these cloud solution providers are instrumenting.