9 Trends to boost CRM

For any of the company, it’s very important to be in touch with the current as well as the potential customers. This relationship management with the customers will help the company to know what they think, feel and comment on their products and services. The company have to always be in a positive with the customer.

In this competitive market world, every company wants to be on the top. Fulfilling the expectations of users in terms of productivity and operational efficiency are tough than ever. Consumers expect great service and product from the company. Emotions are the currency to make relation with the customers. Companies are playing the relationship game very smartly with the customers; they are looking into the ethics of the company  and also satisfying the customers with the better product and service.

Trends that will lead the CRM to one step higher are –

  • Customer-centricity – No company will survive long without satisfying its customers. That much should be evident to any company whether it is established or just starting out. For the long-term customer-centricity, the company should go for the customer buying experience, ethics and lifecycle, so that the customer will be centred in a better way.
  • Going Digitally – In this challenging and competitive market, the companies should go for fully digital. Online retailers will lead the market for sure. Online retailers have already adopted effective personalization techniques, they will aspire to improve the loyalty of an engaged customer base. To be in the better relationship with the customer is the prime motive of the company, so the online platform is the best way to stay tuned to the customers. As we know that customer’s service and product can’t be handled on the online platform only. For some services, the company has to play on the offline platform also. The company who are playing online and offline market to give service and products to the customer will lead the market.
  • Companies’ brand reusable, not replaceable – In the traditional trends it’s very hard to retain the customer once it’s gone, but as the technology are getting improved day by day companies are getting a wide variety to convince their customers and can retain them. In this digital world once the customer is gone it will create a negative impact on the whole market and it will become hard to retain the customer. So as in this digital world, it’s looking like its easy to retain the customers but it’s as different as easy.
  • Make innovative and impressive E-mail – There are many ways to connect with the customers but the E-mail connection is the most effective way but nowadays the company’s E-mails are irritating the customers. If the companies will create the effective content like infographics, video or theme content; these type of content will help the companies to attract the customers.
  • Treat royal to get loyal – Loyalty is something that can only be earned and not bought from the customers, which takes times. Company information is there on the internet; don’t assume that customers are fully informed about the products and services. They expect that the company should inform them more about their products and service. As everybody, can’t understand the content of the website.
  • The influencers influence – Influencing depends on the industry, an influencer can vary drastically. In B2B industry thought leaders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) tend to have the greatest impact due to their knowledge and authority in a particular subject. On the other hand, in the B2C industry, the customers are the influencers, who have the good knowledge of the company product and service, as the consumer have consumed the products or have experienced the better service. Nowadays, companies are making more influencers from the current customers to get the new or potential customers. Influencing can be in any form either online or offline both work effectively.
  • Internet of Things service – Service to the customer is the prominent factor that influences and balances the growth of an evolving business. The product and services provided by the company satisfy the customer is directly proportional to the influencing of customers, which leads to the successful business plan. The most difficult part of the sales team in the business is to focus on retention of the old customers, as it is more difficult than gaining a new customer. Customer satisfaction plays a vital factor as most of the customers are tech-savvy and directly involved on social networking sites, as it impacts social listening influencing reviews on product and services to accelerate customer lifetime value and minimize customer concerns. IOT equipment data integrated with the CRM mobile solution available on Windows, iOS, and Android mobile platform will be indispensable for the overall customer complaint resolution for your business. IoT helps the customer order or put feedback in a better way. Giving feedback in a social or company websites work as an influencer.
  • Chatbots or AI – Customer service is rapidly changing. Over some decades, customer contact centres have become quite innovative; digital communication channel has helped them to communicate with their customers in a better way. According to the report, phone calls still create about 68 percent of all incoming support requests and another 32 present comes from the various digital channels such as live chats, SMS, email, and social media. From the last few years, the percentage of requests coming from the digital source is increasing day-by-day. Chatbots are the great solution for this generation that prefers text messaging to traditional means of communication. Chatbots are already being used in the different industries such as tourism, e-commerce, healthcare, and banking. Nowadays Chatbots customer service is making the company easy to analyse the market.
  • Social selling – Customers buying decisions are being influenced by the information given on the Internet and increasingly on social media. Salespeople can sell more by taking the advantage of the social media. People spend most of the time on the social media websites so there is every chance to spread the information in a while to the global market if the company have the social presence. A Company should spend few minutes per day on social networking website to keep the conversations going and grow the network.